Day 17 – My favorite Spot (in game or outside it)

One of my favorite places in the game is in Hillsbrad Foothills, over by Dun Garok.  There is a solemn, quiet memorial for a game developer who passed away.  I love that Blizzard memorializes people this way.

Reura was paying her respects.


I have always loved Elwynn Forest with its hardy trees, blue skies and green grass.  It’s just a beautiful place.

From WoW Insider

Outside the game?  Pretty much wherever my husband is.  And not in a dependent, insecure way.  He’s just home to me.

I also really really enjoy my bed. -_-zzzz

Fun times with @_Lillia!

So my best frand, @_Lillia came to visit this weekend.  And we had a blast.  Lots of inside jokes… me explaining what my husband says… laughing…
We went to our local Mexican restaurant for lunch one day and my husband got a hold of the phone and took A THOUSAND pictures of us.  Being dorks.


Day 16 – Things I Miss (post Cataclysm)


My "big" shaman, Reura, back in Arathi Highlands -- Level appropriate zone!

As I started playing WoW during the last two weeks of The Burning Crusade and really “came of age” during Wrath of the Lich King, there are quite a few things I missed out on in Vanilla.  Namely all the old raids and epic quest lines for reputation with the Argent Dawn.

Things that have changed in Cataclysm that I miss really don’t relate to class mechanics (RIP, Sentry Totem) or raids or even dungeons.  Most of the Cataclysm changes to these things have been for the better — more streamlined, linear dungeon layouts; simplified class mechanics/talents; and even a better questing experience.

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I'm a "Risk" Y'all

Because I don’t like it when websites require my personal information TO GET A PRICE QUOTE, I have been called a “risk.”

Yup.  I went to a website (still debating on calling them out or not) to price check my cat’s insulin since it’s pretty expensive.  I had to fill out an order form just to see how much it would cost (shipping and taxes, etc).

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Day 14: This Upsets Me

So I have a bad temper and a short fuse.  Also, aside from my dad, I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet.  Most people don’t see this side of me because I try very hard to be agreeable and kind and polite.  As you can guess, it’s pretty easy to get my upset (usually over stupid stuff, too).  I’m also very quick to forgive and forget.  I’ll get super hot mad one minute then I’ll be laughing or joking with those that upset me.  I say I dislike extremes, but that’s really just a criticism of my own personality — I go from one extreme to the other in the blink of an eye.  This realization also upsets me, but I digress…

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UI Matters: Using Project 5×2 as Restoration

UI Matters: Using Project 5×2 as Restoration

A few weeks ago, I posted a suggested Project 5×2 table for Restoration and Balance druids.  It was a great critical thinking exercise, but I really just left it alone after writing it up.  Until a couple weeks ago during a raid, when I realized that my UI had been causing me problems.  I had been using ElvUI and it’s pretty slick. I enjoyed the simplicity of installation and tweaking; the resource-friendliness; and the communication of interrupts to the raid/party.  Seriously, that was pretty helpful.  But I also realized that ever since I installed ElvUI, I had been paying more attention to my user interface than the players I was healing.  And that is a big issue for everyone.  As many people have said before, a good healing interface should lead to less tunnel vision, not more.  I knew I had to do something.

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Day 13: People (players/bloggers) I Admire

Throughout my experience in WoW, I have come across lots of great people (and lots of aggravating, ass-headed, rude people too).  Several of those people just stand out as being admirable.

Note:  This is not an exhaustive list and definitely not meant to exclude anyone.

Here’s a list of people I admire and why I admire them:

Day 12: Usual Day in My Life

Fair warning: This is going to be the most boring blog post on this site.

5:30 am – Bash the alarm clock off.  Stare at it for a few more minutes.  Pop up out of bed.  Then I head straight for the shower and get ready for work.

6:00 am – Traipse into the kitchen to give Marvin his first insulin shot of the day and some breakfast.  This can either go one of two ways: 1) He’s laying patiently on the floor waiting for his shot; or 2) He appears to be laying patiently on the floor waiting for his shot but in actuality, he’s totally gonna roll over when I get a good spot and so I have to fuss for about 2 minutes to get him to HOLD STILL. /sigh

6:15 am – Log into Twitter/WoW/MMO-Champion/Google Reader to check auctions, mah frands and what’s happenin in the world (of Warcraft).  I also sometimes check the local/national news (but usually only if there’s a story I’m following).

6:30 am – Leave for work.

7:00 am – Arrive at work.  Start the insanity.

7:15 am – Get coffee.

8:00 am – Listen to about 5 people complain about 5 different people.

9:00 am – Finally be able to check the Federal Register (I try to do this at 8:00 am…).  Oh wait no! “Lizzie.. can you please help me fix this spreadsheet (that has embedded Word objects in it that can’t be copied & pasted from)?”

9:30 am – *headdesk*

10:00 am – Wish it were lunchtime.

11:30 am – LUNCHTIME.

2:00 pm – Official “Tender Time” — This is when I become a total Space Cadet.  I typically stare out the window for a bit.


4:00 pm – Get back home and do a combination of the following depending on my mood and status of the house: dishes, vacuum, pick up all of my husband’s crap… Typical housework.  If the house is clean, I can typically squeeze in WoW time starting now.

5:00 pm – Make/get dinner.  I like to cook, but I’m usually too tired (read: irritated at having to pick up my husband’s crap) to cook anything most nights.

6:00 pm – Give Marvin his second insulin shot of the day and some dinner of his own.  Sometimes he gets fed earlier depending on how hungry he is… This is identifiable by the frequency and urgency with which he paws at my legs.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (or 10:30 pm on raid nights) – PLAY (more) WoW

9:30 pm – Go to bed; Play Pokemons; Read a book.