Day 14: This Upsets Me

So I have a bad temper and a short fuse.  Also, aside from my dad, I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet.  Most people don’t see this side of me because I try very hard to be agreeable and kind and polite.  As you can guess, it’s pretty easy to get my upset (usually over stupid stuff, too).  I’m also very quick to forgive and forget.  I’ll get super hot mad one minute then I’ll be laughing or joking with those that upset me.  I say I dislike extremes, but that’s really just a criticism of my own personality — I go from one extreme to the other in the blink of an eye.  This realization also upsets me, but I digress…

The quickest way to frustrate me and upset me is to demand action from me during crunch time.  I’m not talking about “Liz, would you please do X right now?”  I’m cool with that approach.  What gets my gizzard sounds more like “OMG LIZ DO X RIGHT GORRAM NOW!!!” Of course, no one likes to be addressed in that manner.  There are some people in the world who can respond calmly to both requests (i.e., my husband).

I’m also pretty quick to get mad at myself over stupid mistakes (like hitting the gong during the wrong time on Atramedes like a noob).  Along with my bad habits and flaws, I tend to hold myself to a higher standard than I hold others.  So when I fail at something, I’m pretty hard on myself.

Other things that stick in my craw:

– Abusive language in a game – Perpetrators usually use “it’s just a game. calm down” as their response to being asked to stop using abusive language.  To that, I say, if “it’s just a game,” why are you calling us all losers? Why tell us that you’re going to do nasty things to our mothers?

– People asking me for specific advice about a class that I have a lot of experience with then IGNORING all the advice I gave them.  This will especially irritate me if I see that this person hasn’t improved on their own accord (as in they didn’t bother to research the class themselves and found an alternative solution to their issue).

– Using “It’s just a game” as an excuse to be a bad player.  Just admit you’re too lazy to use Wowhead or actually read the quest text.

– Having to figuratively hold someone’s hand for a task.  I’m a very independent person and dependent people can grate my nerves.  I know it’s not easy for everyone to just (figuratively) get up and do something.  But just know that it’s equally difficult for me to take seriously those who are perfectly able to go to the grocery store by themselves yet won’t (I’m lookin at you, husband).

Whew.  I feel a little better now. :)


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