I love macros. They get the job done within the confines of one action bar button space. I’m not a macro expert nor do I use very complicated setups — Just my Razer Naga and some simple mouseovers. I do have some other macros stored away for my non-healers that use modifiers.

 Death Knight

  • General
  • Blood
  • Frost
  • Unholy



  • General
  • Beast Mastery
  • Marskmanship
  • Survival



  • General
  • Tank
  • DPS
  • Heal


  • General
  • Retribution
  • Protection
  • Holy


  • General
  • Discipline
  • Holy
  • Shadow


  • General
  • Assassination
  • Combat
  • Subtlety



  • General
  • Affliction
  • Demonology
  • Destruction


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