Day 05: Favorite Item(s) In-Game

There’s a lot about the actual “stuff” in World of Warcraft that I love.  But, for the sake of brevity, I’m going to only list my absolute favorite items with a short reason why I love it so much. :D

Update: Forgot the reasons why like the Derpy McHurrsalot that I am. Added now!

Liz’s Favorite In-Game Items

  • Sea Turtle Mount – It’s a turtle. And you can ride on her back. And she’s female. LOOK AT THAT FACE OKAY.
  • Lifegiving Seed – I love turning into a plant. Soothes my inner-hippie.
  • Swift Moonsaber – Prettiest kitty mount. Lots of purple.
  • Tiny Sporebat – Cute! And he’s got pretty colors on his lil body.
  • Legs – Have you seen this little guy run behind you? No? OMG CLICK HERE
  • Cenarion Raiment – I’m a druid. This is the unofficial Official Druid Gear set.  It makes you look like a druid. Forreal.
  • Steamy Romance Novel – My BFF keeps sending these to me. <3
  • An Exotic Cookbook – hahahahahahahahahahahreadthetooltip
  • Hyacinth Macaw – Prettiest bird in the game! I have a theme of liking blue/purple/green pets :o
  • Silver Dress Robes – This is just pretty.  I love the pink detail on the front!

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting, but there you go. :D

Day 03: My First Day Playing WoW

It’s been quite awhile since I started playing WoW that I don’t remember my first day.  I do have some memories of those first few weeks, however.

My very first ever character was a night elf druid named Mireille.  My husband rolled his warrior, Loocifer (who he still has today!) and we set off to kill some purplish cats.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to fight, so I ended up doing a mishmash of Wrath spam and whacking at the cats with my staff.  For some reason, I remember the movement a female night elf makes when whacking things with big sticks.  I also remember getting super frustrated with her and yelling “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” and “HOW DO I MOVE.”  I’m one of those people who when playing Mario Brothers, I physically make the controller “jump” to make Luigi (Yes, I always have to play stupid Luigi) jump.  I’ve never been very good at console games, so learning how to move around and use abilities in WoW was a week-long testament of my husband’s patience.

We finally finished the quests in the little cave there in Shadowglen after about 3 days.  We both kept dying to the evil, evil spiders for quite some time before realizing that we could just run away from them (and they’d “reset”).

I eventually rerolled a human rogue whose name has completely slipped my mind.  I leveled her to 20 and lost interest.  Maybe it was the poison quest in Westfall?  It was likely the sparkle-factor of the new Draenei (since we had finally purchased TBC).  Deleting that rogue has cemented my altoholism quite firmly. /sigh

Day 02: Why I Decided to Blog

My blog, as you can see from my About Me page, is really just a landing place for some of my thoughts. Like Rhii recently mentioned, just about everyone else has said anything that crosses my mind about WoW. I knew this going in, so I’ve always felt a little laissez-faire about my blog. I don’t like repeating what other people say (although sometimes it just happens for whatever reason) and feel like it’s a waste of time since most other people will say it better than I ever could.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a place in the blogging community for me! Which leads me to post ideas, pictures, videos and other things to my own blog that I want to share. I have a Tumblr blog as well, but there’s not a whole lot of room for conversations there – I see it more as a “hey check this out real quick” type of interaction. This blog, however, provides plenty of room to discuss ideas and share thoughts amongst a group.

I don’t aim to be a resource for people nor do I claim to know a whole lot about anything related to WoW. I just want to share my experience because that’s what builds a community. :)

Project 5×2: A Restoration/Balance Druid Perspective [Updated]

A couple weeks ago, Mat McCurley of WoWInsider sent out a call through Twitter for help with developing Project 5×2 where people offer the bare-bones necessities of a class or spec so that disabled WoW players (I would say everyone) can experience a better quality of life in the game. The main concept is breaking down a class or spec into 5 buttons with 1 modifier and a middle-mouse button.  The point (in my view) is to strip out all of the “extra” abilities and focus on what is actually necessary for playing the game well. This may be a rotation, important CC abilities, heals, whatever.  It’s all about getting the most out of a class/spec while maintaining a physically manageable set of buttons to press/click.

My Twitter frand, Cynwise, recently posted his take on Project 5×2 for warlocks and I was so impressed with his logic (#1 DoT as button 1!).  I was also excited to see a class I’m not familiar with broken down to simiplified terms.  I’m very much a TL;DR kind of person who gets lost amongst the rabble of EJ or even some class guides.  I’m not disabled, but I am finding the entire Project 5×2 immensely helpful for picking up a new class or spec.  @slowpoker has also been compiling links and 5×2 setups from around the ‘net and this listing can be found on her blog.

So I really started thinking about how would a Restoration or Balance Druid work in a Project 5×2 setup. I realized quickly that I kind of already use a 5×2 setup for my Druid.  She’s main spec Restoration and off spec Balance.  I use mouseover macros + raid frames to do my treealing* and a Razer Naga mouse with action bar buttons 1 through 12 keybound to the 1-12 buttons on the Naga.  My hands are I’d say medium-sized, but I have trouble reaching buttons 9-12 on my mouse, so I tend to keep my important spells bound to 1-8.  I also use a shift modifier for another set of 1-12 buttons, and an alt modifier for yet another set.  After reading Cynwise’s post and comparing his logic to my Druid, I realized I could probably reduce the 1-8 to 5 (and move around some of my shift modifiers to make room for the remaining 3 abilities).

[Update]: Thanks to Quorniya for pointing out my derp! I totally forgot to include Healing Touch, Nourish and Innervate.  Considering the amount I actually do use these spells AND the new Restoration Druid Mastery we will be getting with Patch 4.2, Healing Touch and Nourish will be even more important to have keybound.

Derptastic, indeed Liz.

Anyhoo, here’s a suggested Project 5×2 setup for Restoration and Balance Druids:

There is quite a list of clickable abilities for both specs, but most of those spells are situational in nature (damage abilities as a healer, heals as a DPS, etc) or could be provided by another class (CCs, buffs, etc).

How would you play a Resto/Balance Druid with only 5 buttons + middle mouse?  Tell me in the comments, or leave a comment on @slowpoker’s page about Project 5×2!


*Tree + Healing = Treealing :3

A New, Yet Familiar Home

About a month ago, I wrote about starting a character on Medivh-US and playing Rift.  The weekend before last, I resubscribed to WoW.  I haven’t had the motivation to log into Rift since that time.  My highest level Rift character is 38 and it just seems more of the same – quest here, close this annoying rift (I’m lookin at you, Mr. Bring-the-Wolves-to-the-Light Rift), quest quest quest.

One point of demotivation: I know a helluvalot less about the world, history, NPCs, quests, etc., which was frustrating for me.  While the Rift database at Zam is starting to look as cool as WoWhead (they’re owned by the same company), it’s just not as robust.  And let’s face it, I pay my bills by finding needed information.  An empty database is pretty, well, irritating for me (yes yes, I know it will be filled soon; I’m not keen on waiting for that).  There are also a few other things about Rift that have made me think “Meh, I liked [whatever feature] in WoW better.”  This is not to say that there aren’t features in Rift I wish were in WoW (like checking the box to cast on target’s target – no macros needed; right-clicking a waypoint on the map; public groups).

So I found myself yearning to return to the familiar.  I also wanted to start “fresh,” so to speak.  I was leveling a bébé druid named Lizzia on Medivh with the guild Waypoint.  I thought to myself (like I’m prone to do now that I have 7 level 80+ characters), “why am I leveling a whole new druid when I have one at 85 already!?.  So, I transferred my 85 druid, Lizziã to Medivh last weekend and changed her name to Lizzia (no funky a; baleeted the bébé to get it).  I also respecced her to Restoration and have been having such a good time!  Guild chat is not a communication desert anymore!  There are actual people I can actually help!

I’ve even been 50% successful on bringing my husband to Medivh.  He rolled a nelf rogue last night about 4:30pm and 3.5 hours later, level 9. We will likely get to level 10 tonight, he on his rogue, me on my new dorf healadin Beattrice.  I’ve been asking him to transfer one of his level 85 characters (preferably his ret pally) but he’s not keen on it (considering he’d have to part with money to do so).

So!  Thanks to Waypoint for being awesome.  I feel welcomed and liked.  That feels nice for a change. :)

To mah Rifting frands: I’m sorry to disappoint if I have; may you bring Regulos to swift justice in the near future!


FINALLY! [School of Hard Knocks] is mine!

Look at the dates of [Aw, Isn’t It Cute?] and [Home Alone] up there in the picture. 2 years ago!

I created my druid in 2008 when Wrath of the Lich King came out in November. Although my shaman is my oldest character, my druid will always be my “main.” I’ve transferred her several times, collected the most pets, titles, and achievements. She’s been faction-changed a couple times, too.

And now. She will be Matron Lizziã. :)

*I might change her name to get rid of the funky a.  It bothers me.  A lot.