Dreams & Fears: What the hell.

The Nightmare, Johann Heinrich Füssli 1781 (Source: Wikipedia)

I’m not sure why, but I have a lot of nightmares. A LOT. Last night was no exception and I ended up waking up my husband. Again.

I had a dream that he was annoying me with a camera (I don’t even..) so I went to our spare bedroom to go to sleep. The first weird thing is that the relation of my dream bedroom to my dream spare bedroom was very different than the real layout. It was like we were in someone else’s house. I digress… it only gets weirder.

So he comes in to see what I’m doing (god bless him, he never gets it when I’m upset) and I tell him “Trying to sleep!” He says “Okay,” walks out and shuts the door. Immediately after the door shuts, I feel a man’s hand sliding up my right thigh toward my hip. I am so freaked out that I can’t even breathe or scream. I was choking on my own breath.

This is when I wake up and hear my husband say “Are you okay!? Are you okay!?” Yep… it was his hand, but I didn’t recognize it in my dreamstate. After realizing what just happened (and that I was safe), I started to cry.

I hate my dreams.

Another recurring dream I have is being hovered over by a ghost. I can never make out whether it’s a male or female ghost, but I can always detect its presence. I wake up suddenly but still feel as though someone or something is standing over me and staring. It’s quite unnerving and I usually can’t go back to sleep. Let’s just say I really actually dislike Halloween a whole fricking lot. I’m afraid of the dark, Bloody Mary*, and being alone in the house at night. We all have our own fears; those are my big ones.

One last nightmare (for me): I dream that a spider is coming down from the ceiling onto my face. I’ve had this dream A LOT. Sometimes, I have run out of the bedroom because I *knew* there was a damn spider in the bed.

Is it any wonder why I’m so tired all the time? Why I don’t get enough sleep even if I am in the bed from 9pm to 6am? -_-;

Vanderbilt University here in town has a Sleep Clinic. Maybe I should get myself checked out.


*When I was young, I had an… interesting friend… who loved to do all of those things like Ouija boards, “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” things. She made me stand in the dark bathroom with her at night while she tried to summon Bloody Mary. Yep. I’m almost 30 now and *still* scared shitless when I have to use the bathroom at night.

Focus Macro Magic!

So while I was watching Learn2Raid‘s Dragon Soul PTR videos, I noticed that Kinaesthesia’s focus frame was switching to whomever he was healing. And I was intrigued.

Another way to get more usefulness out of the default UI? Lessen dependency on addons for raiding? WHY YES I WILL THANK YOU.

Tonight… tonight I figured out how he may be doing it. I added a couple lines to my mouseover macros (my heals, Earth Shield, Unleash Elements, etc.):


/focus [target=mouseover]

(can also use /focus [@mouseover] if you’re running into the macro character limitation) I tried this and the macro didn’t work. <:\ I’m no macro expert.

I’ve found it to be a great way to keep an eye on the boss for shocking and regenerating mana AND keep an eye on who you’re healing since the default raid frames only show so many buffs/debuffs.

I made a short video showing this neat trick in action. Enjoy!

Switching Gears (and Raiding Mains)

So it’s been a few months since I transferred my shaman over to Medivh to become my raiding main.  With two resto druids on our healing team, I just felt it would be more fair to bring a non-competitive class.  Not that our team would devolve into loot drama at all, but I felt like I was taking loot from our other resto druid and I didn’t want to do that.

Anyhoo! I transferred my little 81 shaman, Reura, from Misha-US to Medivh-US.  I had to change her name since it was /gasp already taken!  I chose a name that was Scottish as it seems (I AM SO NOT AN RPer PLEASE DON’T STONE ME) dwarves take after Scottish or Gaelic naming sounds/conventions.

Reura became Marsaili.

In truth, I’m glad I had to do the name change. Reura was an enhancement draenei shaman I created in The Burning Crusade and when she became a dwarf, it really was like she was a different character. She was no longer the prancing, /train hollering draenei she used to be.  She’s now a short, sometimes crotchety, giggling dwarf.

But changing my character’s name was just a necessary, cosmetic change. Altering my healing style became a completely different story.

Switching between HoT-style healing and direct clump-style healing has really thrown my cognitive abilities for a loop.  I thankfully had started another resto shaman a couple of months ago and had leveled her to about 65 before transferring Marsaili to Medivh.  So I understood the utter basics — Earth Shield, Riptide, alt-tab to Zappos.com …. :|a Okay, that works until about level 40. Or whenever Chain Heal becomes available. (Just kidding!)

With Lizzia, I was used to moving and throwing HoTs at the same time.  I could run and roll up a full stack of Lifebloom at the same time as the tank was running to smack the dragon in the face.  With Marsaili… Things are a bit different. Namely, having to stand still to toss my heals. I have, however, adjusted quite well and remember to remain standing until the cast bar is gone (there’s some technicality with this; I can begin moving when the cast is close to being done thanks to latency time). And now that I’ve grown accustomed to shaman healing, I feel like I have lost my “touch” with druid healing.

I hopped on Lizzia back during Brewfest to kill Coren Direbrew and I realized that I have forgotten a few things about druid healing! (It also didn’t help that my raid frames weren’t showing my HoTs!) I actually flailed a little bit.  But I guess that’s part of the transition — you learn some new skills and forget some old skills.  I’m okay with that.  I know that if asked, I could pick up Lizzia and be ready to go in about 30 minutes.

But I sure am enjoying healing on my shaman. Although we have progressed far enough in Firelands that my mastery is almost useless compared to the other healers’ masteries, I still love being able to bring someone from the brink of death to about 80% health. I am also enjoying the rhythm of shaman healing as it currently stands with the Tidal Waves waltz. There have been some fights in the Firelands that have made me almost tear my hair out, but through it all, I am enjoying my shaman even more than I have in the past.

For all of the issues we have currently (check out Vixsin‘s response to the Blizzard class feedback survey) and some other issues we may yet face when Patch 4.3 rolls out, I really find shaman healing more engaging than the other three healers.

I am proud and excited to say I am a Resto shaman.

P.S. I also want to thank my Guild Leader, Snack, for being understanding of my need to change as well as all of Waypoint for their support of my “new” class. <3