Rift Calling System vs. Traditional Classes: Alt-oholic Dream? Or Nightmare?

Rift has rather thrown a 75mph curveball (fast, but average = not really earth-shattering*) with its introduction of a four-“calling,” nine-soul system.  Players can pick one of four “callings” for their character: Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Rogue.  Sure, that sounds familiar.  And limiting, right?

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Rift Cleric: Justicar for duo-leveling

Just a quick note:  The Justicar soul (well, this level 32 build to be exact) is really a lot of fun in a duo-leveling scenario.  I’ve been playing my cleric solely with my husband’s Champion/Paragon/Riftblade (I think his third soul is Riftblade?) and the Justicar’s indirect heals have been great.  Of course, it takes a good 30 seconds to kill something, but we both have increased survivability thanks to Righteous Mandate, Reprieve and Doctrine of Righteousness.

I still have my Druid/Shaman/Purifier role plus my healer role (which I keep going back and forth between Warden and Purifier as the focus of that build). I recently saw that to get a faster mount at 40 I will need 35 platinum, so a 4th role is out for awhile (I would make it another healer role so I could have 1 Warden-based role and 1 Purifier-based role).

I digress… Just wanted to share (and check out WordPress’s “Aside” format for posts!)

Rift Cleric: Shaman/Druid/Purifier; Versatile Melee DPS

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My cleric is now level 30 and I have played 3 souls so far: Healer (Purifier/Warden/Sentinel), Caster DPS (Cabalist/Inquisitor/Purifier) and Melee DPS (Shaman/Druid/Purifier). Of these three roles, I’m really diggin the Warden’s HoT-style healing for rifts, the Purifier’s direct healing for well.. direct healing, and melee DPS with Druid as the main soul focus.  This post will focus on the melee DPS setup with the Druid taking center stage.

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