The Quasi-Theorycrafter Wannabe

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am a wannbe quasi-theorycrafter.  Why “quasi”?  I was never really into math and therefore specifically pursued a post-secondary education designed to avoid math.

Enough excuses!  I’ve realized over the course of my WoW-playing that I really like the intricate details of the game’s mechanics — I enjoy figuring out gear upgrades and how balancing stats affects my characters. I’m beginning to understand the finer details of the hard work done by more experienced theorycrafters (like those guys at  I’m nowhere near well-versed enough to even have a conversation with a true theorycrafter (which is also why I am just a lurker on EJ!), but I can say I’m getting there.

Why do all this quasi-theorycrafting stuff?  It’s fun!  You get immediate results! :D

I wish I were able to take a new patch and figure out all the cool details about stats, but I’m not there yet.

What I hope to accomplish pretty soon is figuring out how stats impact my gear choices.  I’ve recently decided to make my priest my main character (even though a couple others have all the cool stuff like 280% flying, pets, max professions, etc) and I want to be able to completely understand how the class (and specs!) work.

She’s currently Shadow/Discipline spec and I have some experience in healing dungeons as Holy and battlegrounds as Discipline (which, by the way, is super fun!).  Maybe with the long weekend I will be able to try healing a dungeon as Disc.  We’ll see.

LOLSmite: A New Beginning (Again)(For the 2nd time)

Long, long ago…In a distant land…

I used to have a little dwarf hunter named Elizabeth.  I think this was way back in 2007.  I got pretty lucky with the name — No funky, accented letters!  This hunter made it to level 20 before I decided that I didn’t want to play a hunter anymore.  Fast forward to July  2009 and I got lucky again when I made my priest.  I still can’t believe I got my old name back!  Yay!

Anyhoo… I’ve now leveled my druid (<3) to 85 and got her professions maxed out (except Archaeology…) and I have attempted playing my other 80s to see which one I’d like to level next to 85.  The paladin?  OMGSUCKS.  The shaman?  Dumb profession choices make it annoying (skinning and engineering? dumb.)  The hunter?  Too lonely and I just suck at hunters.  The warrior?  Possibility, but I also suck at warriors.  The death knight?  Bah. Poor lil trollbie.  I’ve also tried leveling a lower-level character, but I am not drawn to that either (surprisingly!) since my husband and I have two worgens we are leveling together.  And he hasn’t wanted to play him yet.  Booo.

So I selected Elizabeth, my priest.  She’s Shadow/Discipline.  I really like Shadow spec, but it gets a little repetitive and isn’t very mana efficient at her current level (73).  I put on her Disc spec last night while traipsing through Grizzly Hills (oh God get me outta Northrend NAO) and found that it’s pretty mana efficient — I can kill 7-8 level 73ish monsters before drinking.  Plus Penance is just fun to cast.  >:D

I have been contemplating running a dungeon as a Disc-DPS priest, but I know that I’d probably be vote-kicked asap. /sigh  For now I am going to high-tail it through Northrend to get to Mount Hyjal and all of it’s good fun times questing.

I’ll leave you with some pics of my priest to bask in her awesomeness!

Week in Warcraft #2

This past week has been pretty light.  I created a new warrior, Cleãh (named after Cleah from Poison Elves — On the advice of my husband).  She’s one of my new Projects. :D



Next week, maybe I’ll be able to report that my priest is at least 75? Cross your mental fingers, young Jedi!

4 Days to Christmas!

Today is *hopefully* my last day in the office this week before Christmas!  I have to go to Chattanooga tomorrow for a meeting (not excited about flying, though!) and then I’m off Thursday so I can get us ready to head out to the ATL.  I have to take Mr. Crotchety Pants to the vet for a nice vacay… But I’m going to miss him.  I hope he’s nice to Dr. King and Ms. Judy.


Archaeology Funtimes

I’ve been working on my archaeology for the past couple of days — I really REALLY want the Vial of the Sands recipe!

I saw someone in Stormwind the other day with the <Assistant Professer> title and thought that was pretty cool. I also thought “Wow, I wish I could get that, too.” Well…


Not only did I get the title, but I also found the Fossilized Hatchling companion pet!

Now I only need 4 pets to get my little fawn.  So excite!

Updated! Review: Razer Naga MMO Mouse

My husband’s Christmas present to me this year is the Razer Naga MMO Mouse.

This mouse has the usual buttons: Left, right, scroll wheel.  It also has forward and backward buttons next to the left button.  And I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the whole reason for buying an $80 mouse:  The 12 buttons on the left side.

These 12 buttons correspond to the main action bar buttons (or, if you’re good a keybinds, another set of 12 action bar buttons).  I won’t go into detail on how it actually works — there are videos and tons of websites to help you set it up.

For this review, I’d like to focus on it’s useability in relation to World of Warcraft.  I should mention that an addon can be found on Razer’s website and it’s simply a Razer-ified version of the Dominos action bar addon.*  You can use the Razer addon or go without.  I initially tried using the addon, but it makes the interface a little ugly.

Case in point:

Some image I found on Google. The UI seriously looks like this when you first install the Razer addon, though.

So after a few days of hideous configurations,  I switched back to the default action bar (yes, complete with silver gryphons!).  I noticed, however, that the keybindings that I set up when I first installed the Razer addon remained.  This is a good thing since I really didn’t want to have to redo all of those keybinds (given that the default keybinding interface is clunky and scrollicious).

The one thing I would like to point out is that if you’ve never used a mouse like this (/raise hand), pressing buttons on the side of the mouse will take some getting used to.  The buttons themselves are rather resistant to being pushed — I have to somewhat mash the button.  I’m hoping that this will ease up as time and use increases, but we’ll see.  The buttons being hard to push may result in faster hand fatigue than I am used to.  Previous to using this mouse, I had my 10-key number pad on the keyboard bound to my main action bar with alt as a modifier for a second action bar.  This set up worked pretty well even if it meant I had to use WASD for turning and movement (yes yes, bad baddie).  I should also point out that the mouse comes with two styles of “training bumps” (my phrase) that are tiny pieces of silicon (one circle-shaped, the other button-shaped) that you stick to the buttons on the side to help you feel your way around.  I started out with the circle-shaped trainers on every one of the 12 buttons.  I found that didn’t help me at all.  I still kept pressing the wrong button.  I removed the trainers from buttons 1-6 and left them on 7-12.  This way, I can feel when I’ve gotten “too far” and thankfully finding the button with my thumb takes less than a GCD, so I don’t really lose much time.

I would warn you, however, if you have small hands.  Moving your thumb from button 1 to button 12 may be difficult and especially so if you’re trying to move with the mouse and press buttons at the same time.  My hands are pretty big (I’m close to 6 feet tall, gimme a break! ;P) but I still have trouble reaching with my thumb.  I end up moving the whole mouse.  Part of this issue could be the way I place my hand on the mouse (with my fingertips touching the left and right button, palm off) so you may not have as big an issue as I do.

On my newly respecced critchicken, I was getting about 6K DPS just on quest mobs using the number pad configuration (my average iLvl at the time was hovering around 305-315 I think).  Now that I’m using the Razer Naga and having to deal with learning the buttons on the side (I glance at them to make sure I am positioning my thumb at the right place), I’ve noticed that I’m doing about 4.5K DPS on similar (albeit slightly higher level in the 83-84 range) quest mobs.  This discrepancy could be caused by spurious things such as rapidly changing gear (now at average iLvl of 325) and the scaling of damage at higher character levels.

Maybe I’ll do a test this weekend (and use the “Interact with Target” keybind WoW Insider just highlighted) to see whether the Razer Naga really did drag my DPS down.  Of course this all could be related to my mood/body temperature (9 degrees F Tues morning!) and not because I’m relearning computer hardware that is a little unforgiving at this point in time… Je ne sais pas!

One application I think this mouse would prove to be indispensable is with healing with mouseover macros.  You would have access to a button to click ON the mouse thereby reducing reaction time (as long as you press the right button at the right time of course) and possibly increasing healing efficiency.  I’m no healer (I have played all the healing classes, though..I just suck really bad) but I think a great healer would be phenomenal with this mouse.

All in all, I really like this mouse.  I like the shape of the left and right buttons and general curve of the whole mouse.  I hope I will get used to mashing the buttons with my thumb and glance at it less and less.

*I have seen several places that call the Razer addon a simplified version of Bartender.  While I have no actual proof either way, my own eyes tell me that Razer looks a helluvalot like Dominos and not Bartender.

Twilight Jasmine, you tease

Questing in Twilight Highlands and herbalizing everything I can get my giant, awkward nelfie hands on… when I saw this:

Yes… That is a Twilight Jasmine FLOATING in mid-air. Here’s another shot just for fun:

This expansion has been out for only a week and finding little glitches like this is far more amusing that it probably should be. Oh well, simple is as simple does.. right?

Update! Found another one: