The Black Garden: Finally some FUN PVP!


Black Garden warfront map

I haven’t gotten either of my characters up high enough to enter other warfronts other than the Black Garden, but I wanted to write a little about how much fun that place is!  I’m also not a battleground/warfront expert by any stretch of the imagination; yet as such a noob I can still have a great time.

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WoW Break; Rift Killing

I’ve been playing WoW since January 2007 — just about two weeks before The Burning Crusade dropped. I remember rambling around Stormwind and seeing a Draenei for the first time. I was awed and amazed. And a confused little noob. I’ve only taken one break during my WoW career (when I moved from the ATL to Nashville). I’ve had a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration. Continue reading

Rift & Medivh-US: Transitions

***Disclaimer: This post was written on the WordPress for Android app and therefore will likely be a lot shorter thanked I think it is and probably full of typos. ***

I have 7+ characters in the World of Warcraft that are at least lvl 80 (2 are 85).  Without going too far into cliche, I’ll just say I’ve gotten the friggin tshirt.  I have done just about everything in WoW a casual player like me* can do…achievements, rep grinds, lading professions, playing every class and race available..etc etc.  I still love the game and I realize there are 2 very large parts of the game I haven’t tried (arenas and level-appropriate raiding), but I need some change.  So I re-upped with Rift and re-rolled on Medivh-US.  *gasp* Continue reading

<3 Trolls

I was going to make (another) priest and had picked out a goblin, but realized I just can’t get into them.  So I remade the priest as a troll (again, another) and did all of the character customizations.  Then when I looked at her, I just could. not. stop. laughing.  Especially when I flipped between my little druid and this priest…

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Poll Results~

Here are the results of the poll I ran for about a week:

Which to Level to 85 next?
Sharolais, Tauren Shaman 40% (2 votes)

Liffles, Goblin Mage 20% (1 votes)

Anibasi, Blood Elf Warlock 20% (1 votes)

WTF! Go back to Alliance! (Details in comments below) 20% (1 votes)


Well, truth is, I’ve been leveling my warlock and she’s now a bubble away from 42.  I just can’t help it.  She’s addicting!   To the two people who voted for Sharolais, don’t worry.  I plan on leveling her, too.  ;)  And the goblin mage.  And I created a human mage on Fizzcrank for the DK Twitter party last weekend (Since I already have a DK on Fizzcrank) and I plan to level her too.

So…what does this poll tell you?  It tells you I’M INSANE.

The end.