The Black Garden: Finally some FUN PVP!


Black Garden warfront map

I haven’t gotten either of my characters up high enough to enter other warfronts other than the Black Garden, but I wanted to write a little about how much fun that place is!  I’m also not a battleground/warfront expert by any stretch of the imagination; yet as such a noob I can still have a great time.

The Black Garden: The Basics

The whole goal of this capture-the-flag style warfront is to do just that… capture the Fang of Regulos and be the first team to earn 500 points.


The Fang of Regulos

At the start of the warfront, your team is corralled by red flare-looking things. You can buff your teammates while the warfront is being prepared to begin.  Each team (one for the Guardians and one for the Defiant) starts at their own end of the Black Garden and the Fang of Regulos spawns in the middle (See picture below).


Black Garden warfront map - Annotated

After a player has picked it up, they get a buff and a purple world aura (not sure what exactly to call this..see picture below) and he/she will grow in size (bigger player = bigger target).  At that point, the next actions depend on which team has control of the Fang.


Purple world marker thing to identify Fang carrier

Healing The Black Garden

Step 1: If your team controls the Fang: Heal the Fang-carrier!  Then heal them some more!  Then kill any opposite faction players who are trying to kill the Fang-carrier!

Step 2: If the other team controls the Fang: Heal your teammates as they KILL THE FANG CARRIER and if one of your teammates picks up the Fang, follow Step 1 above.  The big purple pillar of light (is that a good description?) + bigger player size = easy target to spot. Kill it.

DPSing The Black Garden

DPS in the Black Garden is relatively straight-forward.

The longer your team has control of the Fang of Regulos, the more points your team earns.  The first team to 500 wins.  Therefore, it’s super important to keep your friendly Fang carrier alive and the EFC (see what I did there?) dead.  Pretty simple.  I think the simplicity of this warfront is what makes it so fun – the point is to kill other players.  The way PVP should be!

Pro tip: If you are carrying the Fang of Regulos, DO NOT run toward the opposite team’s side.  As your team kills them, they will respawn and run down to murderlize you.

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