WoW Break; Rift Killing

I’ve been playing WoW since January 2007 — just about two weeks before The Burning Crusade dropped. I remember rambling around Stormwind and seeing a Draenei for the first time. I was awed and amazed. And a confused little noob. I’ve only taken one break during my WoW career (when I moved from the ATL to Nashville). I’ve had a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I’ve never had the opportunity to raid “for real” — hindered by “newbieness”, real life, or PUG luck. Ever since Wrath came out, my husband has been receding from WoW and seeking out other things to do (mostly read online manga and watch Mythbusters… >.>) so I’ve also been playing alone. Sure, I have a couple of Real ID friends who say “hey” (and that’s it) but I am missing the real social interaction of actually playing with people.

Don’t get me wrong — I recently joined Waypoint on Medivh-US and they’re a great bunch of people. But it appears that most only login for raids (or login after I’ve gone to bed — I’m a little 89-year-old lady on the inside), so g-chat is quite sparse.  OMG DISCO ILY don’tbemadatme. O_O

So!  I’ve convinced my husband to try Rift and last night he got interested.  We’re probably going to unsub from WoW for awhile (since we really don’t want to pay for something we’re not playing) and give Rift a real try.


6 thoughts on “WoW Break; Rift Killing

    • Will do! I have a post about my opinion — but that was when I was in the beta. I’ve also created a page for my Characters (which I’m trying to update now but can’t get the right pic of them that I want. >.<)

  1. Well, if you come back to Wow, drop me a line. I’m sure I can find you a guild that will be into just about whatever you like. And, often full of friendliness. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one who needs to get to bed early, the 4:30 am alarm comes awful early.

    Good luck with Rift, look forward to your reviews.

    • Aw thanks! I get up at 5:00am EVERYDAY including weekends to feed my cat and give him his morning insulin shot.

      Having a blast so far in Rift. Mebbe I write new post soon… :3

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