Rift & Medivh-US: Transitions

***Disclaimer: This post was written on the WordPress for Android app and therefore will likely be a lot shorter thanked I think it is and probably full of typos. ***

I have 7+ characters in the World of Warcraft that are at least lvl 80 (2 are 85).  Without going too far into cliche, I’ll just say I’ve gotten the friggin tshirt.  I have done just about everything in WoW a casual player like me* can do…achievements, rep grinds, lading professions, playing every class and race available..etc etc.  I still love the game and I realize there are 2 very large parts of the game I haven’t tried (arenas and level-appropriate raiding), but I need some change.  So I re-upped with Rift and re-rolled on Medivh-US.  *gasp*

I’ve resubscribed to Rift and have created many alts on about 4 shards.  I have, however, been playing one took almost exclusively: Soaryn the Eth Rogue.  The rogue calling in Rift is just plain fun.  There is more to it than the rogue class in WoW…flashes and shiny things.  Plus tracking combo points on the little HUD health/power bars over the head of my target is really nice and convenient.  Soaryn is on the Shadefallen-US shard (which means “server”) but she is all alone.  For now while I am leveling her that’s okay, but I’d like to find a guild to join when she gets to a higher (or max) level.

In the World of Warcraft, I’ve found a new home with the Waypoint guild on Medivh-US(A)!  Such a great group of people.  I (re)created a night elf druid named Lizzia there and I’m going to try Resto this time around.  Maybe when she gets to lvl 36 I will try tanking…who knows; the world is her oyster! ;)  I can’t tell you how nice it is to login and be able to have someone to say Hi to (using green text) and they actually “talk” back!  I plan to powerlevel the “New Lizzia” as fast as I can and then I’ll see what is happening.  Good things, I’m sure ;D. And don’t worry, I’ll probably play my other toons, too.  My husband is having fun with his little Hordies, so I will likely join him on Fizzcrank sometimes.

*Liz’s Definition of “Casual”:  A player who really really wants to commit to a regular raiding schedule and all of the prep work needed to make fit successful but has been unlucky in her PUGging attempts or is otherwise hindered (full-time job; sick cat etc) from participating in these or other “end-game” activities.


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