My husband, the singer.

When we play WoW, he mutters and sings “songs” which I find entertaining and hilarious… And last night was no exception.  We are currently leveling a gnome mage duo* in Bloodmyst Isle and he blurts out:

“L-A-M-E-O…L-A-M-E-O… And Lame-o was his name-o!”

I couldn’t stop snickering to myself.  It was the funniest song he’s sung in awhile.

*We originally had a dwarf priest/gnome mage duo, but I wanted a pure DPS class so I created my own gnome mage. :3

/Castrandom for mounts!

The WoWWiki page on Macros is excellent.  It’s also hard to navigate given the “standard wiki” layout.  So I’ve decided to post my macros here for my own (and anyone else’s) reference.

Cast a random mount (flying included):
/castrandom [nomounted, flyable] FLYING MOUNT NAME HERE; [nomounted] GROUND MOUNT NAME HERE

You can also add in conditionals (as shown on the WoWWiki page), but I don’t find it necessary.  I mean, you should know where you can and cannot mount, right?  For those of you who don’t:

Can mount flyer:  Northrend and Outland, outside*
Can mount ground:  Everywhere, outside, capital cities

*This will change in Cataclysm because we will be able to fly in Azeroth. :D CAN’T WAIT.