Gmail Account Compromised

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So a few weeks ago I noticed the red alert notification on my Gmail inbox saying that something fishy happened. I looked at the data and it was a Chinese IP address. I thought for about 5 minutes that, “Hay, that’s a little fishy” then immediately forgot (because I have a short attention span >.>).

Well, today I received an email from Blizzard (yes, I checked the header information) and it seems legit. Apparently, some Chinese person named “Zhang” used my email address to sign up for a gold farming account. So I downloaded all of my Google account data and deleted that account.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. But some things here will be changing slowly as I move my Google-related services to a different account.

Thanks for your patience!!

Not Ready to Give Up Yet

My last post for the 20 Days of Wow Blogging Challenge has made me reflect on the time I’ve spent playing WoW (and using the internet, really).  I’ve realized that a good chunk of my recent life has been spent using computers and the internet.  I really don’t know how to live any other way.  I had my first email address in 1996 when I was 13.  I did the whole online chatroom thing.  I also played The Sims (2… 3… now Medieval) and other assorted games.  I downloaded music on Napster before it was illegal.  Hell, even my job requires using the internet for research.

Is this the best way to live my life? Continue reading

Day 20 – Hypothetical WoWpocalypse

***Oh, ‘what-if scenarios’… Sometimes you’re fun to think about.  Mostly, you just depress me.  This is the latter.  Reiteration: This is hypothetical.  The likelihood of this happening is about .073%.***

Husband: “So, let’s stop playing WoW.  Today.”
Me: “Welp.” /whine /shut off WoW Continue reading