Day 20 – Hypothetical WoWpocalypse

***Oh, ‘what-if scenarios’… Sometimes you’re fun to think about.  Mostly, you just depress me.  This is the latter.  Reiteration: This is hypothetical.  The likelihood of this happening is about .073%.***

Husband: “So, let’s stop playing WoW.  Today.”
Me: “Welp.” /whine /shut off WoW

That’s pretty much what will happen.  Not that I’m a pushover — my husband has rolled so many alts and been dragged to about 5 servers within the last 4.5 years… When he says he’s done, I will be, too.  We’ve been together far too long (9 years this November!*) for me to dig in my heels when he wants to make a change of this magnitude.  I mean, dude followed me to another state BEFORE we were married.  He gets many props for that.  Plus, I don’t want to be like my dad who got to be the decision maker for every move we ever made.  My mom was taken away from her entire life as she knew it.  (I keep telling her that when they are both retired, they should move to where she wants to go just because it’s her turn, dammit.)

When that fateful day arrives, we will likely login to and cancel our subscriptions.  I would also say we would need to uninstall the game from our computers.  And this is the saddest part for me:  I would have to get rid of bookmarks and my blog.  I just know myself entirely too well.  I’d try reading blogs and checking websites to stay in touch with the game and community — and that would only serve to draw me back in.

Before we close up our WoW shop, though, there are a few things I’d probably do:

1.) Donate my in-game items/gold/fluffy stuff to a guild bank or random lowbies in Stormwind.  Total ninja trade it, too.
2.) Send in-game mails to the important people to let them know what was about to happen.  Apologize for the abruptness and tell them how much I’d miss them.  I would also send my contact information so we could keep in touch outside the game.
3.) Take Marsaili and Lizzia to a nice, secluded place in Elwynn Forest where they can rest eternally.  I probably wouldn’t make them /lay down or anything.  Maybe /sit in a peaceful pasture and reminisce about our adventures in Azeroth.

This post has spawned another thought for me that I’m going to turn into a separate post.  Check back for that soon!

*We started dating in 2002 but didn’t get married until 2009.  We both feel that we’ve been married far longer than in actuality. :3


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