Not Ready to Give Up Yet

My last post for the 20 Days of Wow Blogging Challenge has made me reflect on the time I’ve spent playing WoW (and using the internet, really).  I’ve realized that a good chunk of my recent life has been spent using computers and the internet.  I really don’t know how to live any other way.  I had my first email address in 1996 when I was 13.  I did the whole online chatroom thing.  I also played The Sims (2… 3… now Medieval) and other assorted games.  I downloaded music on Napster before it was illegal.  Hell, even my job requires using the internet for research.

Is this the best way to live my life?

Let’s hypothesize for a minute.  What would my life be like if I didn’t play WoW? I would still get up and go to work, but perhaps I’d watch abysmal morning newscasts like the fluffy-but-meaningless Today Show.  After work, I’d come home and take care of Marvin.  Then I’d cook dinner.  Then what?  Sit on the couch and watch television like a zombie?  Clean until my house is even more spotless?

That. Sounds. Boring. As. Hell.

Let’s review:  My house wouldn’t get any cleaner.  My cat wouldn’t be taken care of better.  I would still cook dinner most nights (unless work was awful that day).  I would still have a meaningful relationship with my husband.

People would say we’re ready to have kids since we have “so much free time and money to burn.”  I disagree.  There’s still a lot of things I’d rather do than change diapers.  There are places I need to visit (ahem.. getting across the DAMN MISSISSIPPI RIVER WOULD BE A GOOD START, LIZ, JEEZ) and experiences I need to have.  I’m not ready to give up my potential yet.

I’m an adult now, almost 30.  I’ve been taking care of myself (and others) since I was tall enough to reach the bottom of the washing machine, which for me was 1st grade.  My husband, same age, has also had to shoulder some heavy burdens in his life (he doesn’t realize it though, which makes me a bit sad for him) and I know there are things he would like to accomplish in his life.

I want us to be selfish a little while longer.  I want to do the things we want to do.  Right now, for the forseeable future, we want to play WoW.  Naturally, our attitude will change and our motivation to login will wane.  It’s inevitable.  I know I will grow tired of the endless slog through levels (and dailies >|).  When that day comes, we will know.  But I won’t regret our time in Azeroth.


2 thoughts on “Not Ready to Give Up Yet

  1. Secret druid twin! I already told you this but what you describe in the first 3 paragraphs is exactly how we feel about our home life too. It’s so nice to hear someone else dismiss TV and housework, which my colleagues always focus on for their downtime, and instead embrace gaming as what they WANT to do. Sometimes I feel a little out of place in the ‘real’ world with gaming as a hobby, and I shouldn’t at all!

    • I think what happens is people want to affirm their own life choices. So when they come in contact with someone who is vastly different than them, they demean or brush off the other person’s life choice since it doesn’t match their own. I guess it’s a way of feeling secure, but all I’ve ever observed is rudeness. As in the example of the “You need a baby!” comment I received the other day (that spawned this post). <:


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