My current UI: The Ultimate Shaman UI (TUSUI, or "tushie" to @outbirk)

Most of my Twitter followers would probably enjoy it if I picked one UI and kept it <3

But I change my user interface pretty often — mostly because I get bored, honestly. I also like experimenting with data and information displays to see if I can make it more efficient or more visually appealing. You see, I’m pretty nearsighted and forgetful, so I need a UI that tells me certain things. Like “You’re missing a fricking Water Shield, dumbass!” :>

I have made lots of posts about UIs where I’ve tried different compilatons or set up my own. And I have actually been toying with making a page here at my blog devoted to UIs. I mean, it’s probably something I should have done a looooong time ago.

UI Posts

Recommended Compilations: I’ve used each of these pretty extensively in the past. If someone were to ask me about total UI overhauls with minimal work, I’d suggest one of these (Hint: They all have “install” buttons!)

RealUI – Minimalistic, HUD, Healing/DPS/Tank

TUSUI – Shaman-oriented, Healing/DPS, Lots of preset shaman Power Auras (all specs!) – My current interface!

TukUI – Essentially a reskin of the default UI (whatever is included in the default UI is included here; nothing more), minimalistic

ElvUI – A TukUI-based UI that adds a lot more functionality. It was poorly updated for 4.3 and I haven’t used it since. Buyer beware. (I know, I said “Recommendations” above. Maybe when it’s updated decently, it’ll be a real recommendation!)

Recommended AddOns: The following addons are ones that I swear by and/or use on a daily basis. Some are for modifying the look of the UI, some are added functionality, and some are for convenience.

I also recommend using only Curse or WoWInterface as the source of your addons. People are terrible (I have a degree in Sociology so I am allowed to say this) and will put viruses in addon packages. These two sites are well-known for their ruthless scouring of bad files.


Shaman Friend

Raeli’s Spell Announcer

Deadly Boss Mods









Aurora + Missing Textures *Make sure to download this from WoWInterface and NOT CURSE. The addon called Aurora at Curse (or the Curse Client) is NOT the same one I’m linking here*




Grid + GridManaBars + GridStatusRaidDebuff + GridUnitMenu + GridStatusRole

Clique *I only use this in conjunction with GridUnitMenu to get the unit menu on Grid. I use mouseover macros for my healing.



I will probably add to this list as time goes on (or if I come across a nifty addon!) so please keep checking back!



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