Random Storytime!

I found this in my Google Docs… Not sure where I was going with it.  If you know me personally, don’t freak out.  It’s fiction. =^.^=


She walked out of her office building and squinted against the quasi-bright sun. Okay, it really wasn’t that bright. It’s just that the whitish sidewalk concrete is so blinding, so she put on her sunglasses anyway. As she turned right and walked around the corner, she heard a woman’s voice behind her say, “Ma’am! Ma’am!” She kept walking, thinking abstractly to herself, “Wonder who she was talking to? Hope it wasn’t me.” The girl’s mental attention then drifted to her headache, gnawing at the back of her skull like a puppy on a bone. Gnash, throb, gnash, throb. “Some Tylenol is all I need,” she thought to herself. “It worked pretty well last night before bed.”

She approached the door to the sandwich shop and got in line to order. Her favorite is the Turkey Deluxe and a side of pasta salad (even though she picks out the tomato chunks). She took the order slip and shuffled down the line toward the register. She scratched a tickling itch near her ear and thought to herself, “Man, I wish it were Friday” as she crashed to the floor, smacking her right cheek on a nearby table, a slight trickle of blood running out of her right ear.

Hours later she opened her eyes to her husband’s greenish, pale face staring at her, unblinking. She’d seen this face on his body just once before; when he passed out at the vet’s office after he watched her give their 12-year-old diabetic cat his first insulin shot. Her husband hates needles. She heard a rapid beeping sound and turned her head toward the noise. She watched in quiet confusion as a number crept over 110. A new face came into view next to her alien-skinned husband and, thanks to the white coat, she immediately realized where she was: St. Thomas Hospital. The doctor laid his hand on her arm, trying to soothe her nerves (and rapid pulse).

“What happened to me?” she asked. At least, she thought she said it out loud. She only heard a very small, very soft voice speak those words. When she realized the doctor’s mouth was moving, she turned her head so her left ear was free from the pillow.
“You’re at St. Thomas Hospital. You had an episode earlier and we just want to observe you to make sure everything is okay,” the doctor said. “I’m Dr. Thornton.”
“What do you mean ‘episode’?” she asked, confused. “What happened? When can I go home?”
“We’re not 100% sure, so we need you to get some rest while we figure it out,” he said as he glanced at the heart monitor now displaying 95 beats per minute.

She glanced at the heart monitor, confused and scared.



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