Day 17 – My favorite Spot (in game or outside it)

One of my favorite places in the game is in Hillsbrad Foothills, over by Dun Garok.  There is a solemn, quiet memorial for a game developer who passed away.  I love that Blizzard memorializes people this way.

Reura was paying her respects.


I have always loved Elwynn Forest with its hardy trees, blue skies and green grass.  It’s just a beautiful place.

From WoW Insider

Outside the game?  Pretty much wherever my husband is.  And not in a dependent, insecure way.  He’s just home to me.

I also really really enjoy my bed. -_-zzzz


3 thoughts on “Day 17 – My favorite Spot (in game or outside it)

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  2. When I was raiding during Wrath of the Lich King, it was easy to grow tired of the same vistas every day, and to forget that actually, there are quite a few really lovely places that we don’t get to see all the time. Some of my favourites are

    Nagrand. Especially the floating islands, but really, the whole zone is just beautiful. I sometimes just go fly around in there just to feel at ease. :)

    The Isle of Quel’Danas. Up along the ridge around Magister’s Terrace, there are some really pretty views of gold and green and water and sky, and no demons. Eversong Woods has a similar aesthetic, though it gets spoiled as soon as you go into the Ghostlands and spend ten levels killing dead things in the murky shadows.

    Stranglethorn Vale. The new version is actually even nicer in some places than it was before, though more busy. There’s a nice spot up on top of the hill overlooking the sea, sheltered in among the trees, that I always enjoy.

    Karazhan. The best raid Blizzard has ever made was Ulduar, but for atmosphere, Karazhan is a close second. Just really fits together, and without any Blackrock gloom!

    • I wholeheartedly agree about Nagrand! I am even shocked at myself for not including it! I once took a whole bunch of screenshots for Rhii and I think I spent entirely more time than necessary just because. It’s beautiful! I really miss the aesthetics of the Outland zones. Wrath has some pretty places (Grizzly Hills and some parts of Sholazar), but Outland really shines in my memory.

      I’ve not been fortunate enough to raid Karazhan at all. The guild I was in at the time was actively raiding it but I was just a newb. And they didn’t want to help me or any of the “non-raiders”. Actually, that whole situation put a really bad taste in my mouth for guilds for a long time (Until Waypoint!)

      <3 Lara!

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