Day 12: Usual Day in My Life

Fair warning: This is going to be the most boring blog post on this site.

5:30 am – Bash the alarm clock off.  Stare at it for a few more minutes.  Pop up out of bed.  Then I head straight for the shower and get ready for work.

6:00 am – Traipse into the kitchen to give Marvin his first insulin shot of the day and some breakfast.  This can either go one of two ways: 1) He’s laying patiently on the floor waiting for his shot; or 2) He appears to be laying patiently on the floor waiting for his shot but in actuality, he’s totally gonna roll over when I get a good spot and so I have to fuss for about 2 minutes to get him to HOLD STILL. /sigh

6:15 am – Log into Twitter/WoW/MMO-Champion/Google Reader to check auctions, mah frands and what’s happenin in the world (of Warcraft).  I also sometimes check the local/national news (but usually only if there’s a story I’m following).

6:30 am – Leave for work.

7:00 am – Arrive at work.  Start the insanity.

7:15 am – Get coffee.

8:00 am – Listen to about 5 people complain about 5 different people.

9:00 am – Finally be able to check the Federal Register (I try to do this at 8:00 am…).  Oh wait no! “Lizzie.. can you please help me fix this spreadsheet (that has embedded Word objects in it that can’t be copied & pasted from)?”

9:30 am – *headdesk*

10:00 am – Wish it were lunchtime.

11:30 am – LUNCHTIME.

2:00 pm – Official “Tender Time” — This is when I become a total Space Cadet.  I typically stare out the window for a bit.


4:00 pm – Get back home and do a combination of the following depending on my mood and status of the house: dishes, vacuum, pick up all of my husband’s crap… Typical housework.  If the house is clean, I can typically squeeze in WoW time starting now.

5:00 pm – Make/get dinner.  I like to cook, but I’m usually too tired (read: irritated at having to pick up my husband’s crap) to cook anything most nights.

6:00 pm – Give Marvin his second insulin shot of the day and some dinner of his own.  Sometimes he gets fed earlier depending on how hungry he is… This is identifiable by the frequency and urgency with which he paws at my legs.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (or 10:30 pm on raid nights) – PLAY (more) WoW

9:30 pm – Go to bed; Play Pokemons; Read a book.


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