Focus Macro Magic!

So while I was watching Learn2Raid‘s Dragon Soul PTR videos, I noticed that Kinaesthesia’s focus frame was switching to whomever he was healing. And I was intrigued.

Another way to get more usefulness out of the default UI? Lessen dependency on addons for raiding? WHY YES I WILL THANK YOU.

Tonight… tonight I figured out how he may be doing it. I added a couple lines to my mouseover macros (my heals, Earth Shield, Unleash Elements, etc.):


/focus [target=mouseover]

(can also use /focus [@mouseover] if you’re running into the macro character limitation) I tried this and the macro didn’t work. <:\ I’m no macro expert.

I’ve found it to be a great way to keep an eye on the boss for shocking and regenerating mana AND keep an eye on who you’re healing since the default raid frames only show so many buffs/debuffs.

I made a short video showing this neat trick in action. Enjoy!


UI Matters: Using Project 5×2 as Restoration

UI Matters: Using Project 5×2 as Restoration

A few weeks ago, I posted a suggested Project 5×2 table for Restoration and Balance druids.  It was a great critical thinking exercise, but I really just left it alone after writing it up.  Until a couple weeks ago during a raid, when I realized that my UI had been causing me problems.  I had been using ElvUI and it’s pretty slick. I enjoyed the simplicity of installation and tweaking; the resource-friendliness; and the communication of interrupts to the raid/party.  Seriously, that was pretty helpful.  But I also realized that ever since I installed ElvUI, I had been paying more attention to my user interface than the players I was healing.  And that is a big issue for everyone.  As many people have said before, a good healing interface should lead to less tunnel vision, not more.  I knew I had to do something.

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Project 5×2: A Restoration/Balance Druid Perspective [Updated]

A couple weeks ago, Mat McCurley of WoWInsider sent out a call through Twitter for help with developing Project 5×2 where people offer the bare-bones necessities of a class or spec so that disabled WoW players (I would say everyone) can experience a better quality of life in the game. The main concept is breaking down a class or spec into 5 buttons with 1 modifier and a middle-mouse button.  The point (in my view) is to strip out all of the “extra” abilities and focus on what is actually necessary for playing the game well. This may be a rotation, important CC abilities, heals, whatever.  It’s all about getting the most out of a class/spec while maintaining a physically manageable set of buttons to press/click.

My Twitter frand, Cynwise, recently posted his take on Project 5×2 for warlocks and I was so impressed with his logic (#1 DoT as button 1!).  I was also excited to see a class I’m not familiar with broken down to simiplified terms.  I’m very much a TL;DR kind of person who gets lost amongst the rabble of EJ or even some class guides.  I’m not disabled, but I am finding the entire Project 5×2 immensely helpful for picking up a new class or spec.  @slowpoker has also been compiling links and 5×2 setups from around the ‘net and this listing can be found on her blog.

So I really started thinking about how would a Restoration or Balance Druid work in a Project 5×2 setup. I realized quickly that I kind of already use a 5×2 setup for my Druid.  She’s main spec Restoration and off spec Balance.  I use mouseover macros + raid frames to do my treealing* and a Razer Naga mouse with action bar buttons 1 through 12 keybound to the 1-12 buttons on the Naga.  My hands are I’d say medium-sized, but I have trouble reaching buttons 9-12 on my mouse, so I tend to keep my important spells bound to 1-8.  I also use a shift modifier for another set of 1-12 buttons, and an alt modifier for yet another set.  After reading Cynwise’s post and comparing his logic to my Druid, I realized I could probably reduce the 1-8 to 5 (and move around some of my shift modifiers to make room for the remaining 3 abilities).

[Update]: Thanks to Quorniya for pointing out my derp! I totally forgot to include Healing Touch, Nourish and Innervate.  Considering the amount I actually do use these spells AND the new Restoration Druid Mastery we will be getting with Patch 4.2, Healing Touch and Nourish will be even more important to have keybound.

Derptastic, indeed Liz.

Anyhoo, here’s a suggested Project 5×2 setup for Restoration and Balance Druids:

There is quite a list of clickable abilities for both specs, but most of those spells are situational in nature (damage abilities as a healer, heals as a DPS, etc) or could be provided by another class (CCs, buffs, etc).

How would you play a Resto/Balance Druid with only 5 buttons + middle mouse?  Tell me in the comments, or leave a comment on @slowpoker’s page about Project 5×2!


*Tree + Healing = Treealing :3

Rift Calling System vs. Traditional Classes: Alt-oholic Dream? Or Nightmare?

Rift has rather thrown a 75mph curveball (fast, but average = not really earth-shattering*) with its introduction of a four-“calling,” nine-soul system.  Players can pick one of four “callings” for their character: Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Rogue.  Sure, that sounds familiar.  And limiting, right?

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/Castrandom for mounts!

The WoWWiki page on Macros is excellent.  It’s also hard to navigate given the “standard wiki” layout.  So I’ve decided to post my macros here for my own (and anyone else’s) reference.

Cast a random mount (flying included):
/castrandom [nomounted, flyable] FLYING MOUNT NAME HERE; [nomounted] GROUND MOUNT NAME HERE

You can also add in conditionals (as shown on the WoWWiki page), but I don’t find it necessary.  I mean, you should know where you can and cannot mount, right?  For those of you who don’t:

Can mount flyer:  Northrend and Outland, outside*
Can mount ground:  Everywhere, outside, capital cities

*This will change in Cataclysm because we will be able to fly in Azeroth. :D CAN’T WAIT.