I'm a "Risk" Y'all

Because I don’t like it when websites require my personal information TO GET A PRICE QUOTE, I have been called a “risk.”

Yup.  I went to a website (still debating on calling them out or not) to price check my cat’s insulin since it’s pretty expensive.  I had to fill out an order form just to see how much it would cost (shipping and taxes, etc).

Well, I filled it out but then I saw a link saying that certain items have to be cooler-shipped (insulin is one of those items), I *knew* that the shipping would be astronomical.  So I clicked “Customer Service” to find out the shipping rates.  I did not click “Order Now” or even (THANK GOD) enter my payment information.

When I saw that shipping would be well over $35.00 (USD), I immediately laughed and closed out the browser.  I’m sure it’s expensive to cooler-ship items… but I can get this insulin from my vet for under the price this website was selling it for.

About 30 minutes after closing my browser, my cellphone rings.  It’s a number I don’t recognize, so I don’t answer.  Three minutes later, it rings the same phone number AGAIN.  I also did not answer this call… And they left a voicemail.

First of all, if you’re leaving a professional voicemail, it helps to speak clearly and not like an insolent child.  I was actually amazed that this woman left such a bad message.  She mentioned sending me an email, as well.

So, within 30 minutes of closing out of the browser, I receive TWO phone calls and an email asking for my zip code to get the price quote.  (Hint: I entered my zip code in the form on the website — /headdesk).

For background, here’s the website’s privacy policy:

We respect your privacy.
Personal information such as your e-mail address, your mailing address, or telephone number is only gathered by us when you supply it…either on-line, over the telephone or through the mail. [Company} will use the information you provide to tell you about new products, services, upcoming events, and other ways to enhance your overall shopping experience.
Any and all information collected on this site, over the telephone or through the mail will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused without your permission. Any information you give to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.

Note that last sentence. “Any information you give us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.”  Desperate phone calls are probably not covered by this, but I’m no lawyer.

Nowhere on the form or shopping cart or hell ANYWHERE on the website does it say that I would be contacted within 30 minutes (especially in the manner I was contacted; like there was an emergency and they needed to get a hold of me).

Here’s the email chain between me and the “customer service” agent.  You tell me if you would be happy to fork over your personal information to a company who so OBVIOUSLY cares little about their reputation, *actual* customer service or whether they are scaring off potential customers.

So people like me who actually read and *understand* a privacy policy are “risks” to a company?  That’s just damn twisted.

Stupid me!  How DARE I attempt to protect my own information online!


6 thoughts on “I'm a "Risk" Y'all

  1. hmm… emails look rather fishy from them… almost like the same ones scam artists use on craigslist to grab info. Good call by not giving them any further stuff.

    • The fact that the agent did NOTHING to soothe my concerns and launched into defensive mode really was a big red flag for me.

      I will continue to get my insulin through my vet — It’s actually about $15-20 cheaper than ordering online.

      (Thanks for the comment :D!)

  2. Hah wait wut? YOU are the risk? Color me surprised… I too would be very sceptic about a company that so eagerly tries to get a hold of me, when I haven’t in fact asked them for anything but a price estimate. I would assume that they are trying to… you know, send me stuff. That I never said I wanted. Why did they need your zip code again? And why would you entering your zip code in their system in any way justify them calling you? I agree, very sketchy indeed. Hope you don’t get more trouble with them!

    • Indeed. The beauty of cellphones is caller ID (of sorts). If a number begins with an area code I don’t recognize, I won’t even bother answering it.

      Similar applies to email — I can just delete it.

      However, if I do keep receiving calls/emails, you better believe I’ll be reporting them!

      (Thanks for stopping by!)

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