Week in Warcraft #3

This post will cover the last 2 weeks since I’m lazy and forgetful. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have been tweeting less often. I just got super busy at work with this new project (yay!), so I’m on the run all day (boo!).

– Magtheridon downed with awesome people from The Broken (Misha-US Alliance)
– Priest fished up Weather-beaten Journal!

– Priest skilled up Cooking to just under 300; Fishing to 200; Tailoring to 495; and Enchanting to 480-ish!

Interface Customization:
– Tried the ever-wonderful Tukui and 3 edits
– Reverted back to default UI, but may try Eselol’s edit 1 more time

– Created worgen druid on Kael’thas-US with my hubby. He also made a druid (first time EVER playing a druid) and is going kitty; I was kitty then resto then balance and now back to kitty. Since his druid is a miner/skinner and mine is LW/skinner, he’s half a level ahead (/rassafrassa). Droods are 19/18. One more to awesome-running. :D


Week in Warcraft #2

This past week has been pretty light.  I created a new warrior, Cleãh (named after Cleah from Poison Elves — On the advice of my husband).  She’s one of my new Projects. :D



Next week, maybe I’ll be able to report that my priest is at least 75? Cross your mental fingers, young Jedi!

My Week in Warcraft #2

Phase 4 of the Elemental Invasion was this week AND Patch 4.0.3! Wow, lots of stuff.

What have I been up to? Decided to categorize this stuff to make it more visually appealing..or some junk.




  • Made a troll rogue on Kalecgos-US(PVP) named Sorroe.  She’s a ton of fun and looks really badass while stealthed and sneaking around.
  • Made a gnome warlock (yes, it is a sickness I have) named Gizzie.
  • Trying to help (and not muck up) with filling out the TotemSpot Wiki.  Go check it out!

Next week might be the Shattering of Azeroth, so that is something to look forward to!

My Week in Warcraft #1

Lots of other blogs do this sort of thing and I wanted to try it mainly so I can have something to look back on wistfully.

Without further ado:

  • Maxed engineering on Reura! As such, she was able to finally make Jeeves. Jeeves is really cool.
  • Decided on an arcane mage for my worgen.  It will be male because I’m not impressed with the female model. Plus I can name him after my husband’s nickname, Shuggie. And he will be a pretty pretty prince(ss)!
  • Realized that I should probably get the heirloom weapon for my worgen mage. He will need it, I think.
  • Started a little troll rogue on a new server since my brother in law made one. I saw him do Shadowstep + Ambush and got insanely jealous. So little Sorroe was born (pronounced like ‘sorrow’).  She’s even won a Warsong Gulch match AND stopped 3 people from taking the flag! Rawr!
  • Also finished three of the Classic dungeon achievements: King of Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Lower Blackrock Spire.  I got almost to Drakkisath in Upper Blackrock Spire, but ended up going into stupid Blackwing Lair and was teleported way outside the whole instance when I left BWL. I was so frustrated I just hearthed back to Dalaran. X|

Since it’s possible that patch 4.0.3 may drop next week (some people are saying 11/16, some are saying 11/23…we will only know when we log in ;D), my next Week in Warcraft may have some even better news.  Like I out-leveled my brother in law. hahahyarite.