Thankfulness & Generosity

I’ve been in the guild Waypoint seriously since May (I rolled an alt in March while still messing around in Rift) when I transferred Lizzia to Medivh.  About a week (I think?) of having Lizzia in the guild, I was offered a spot to come along on a romp through Blackwing Descent.  And the rest is history.  ;D

I got my husband to roll a character on Medivh to join me in Waypoint, his rogue.  That rogue is now level 80! But I knew my husband really loved playing his Draenei paladin, Nightrode.  So I finally convinced him a couple weeks ago to transfer Nightrode to Medivh (and I transferred Reura — who had to become Marsaili due to the name being taken already ;~;).

I even convinced my husband that he would be a great holy paladin and you know what?  HE TOTALLY IS.  Since he’s a blacksmith, he was able to cobble together a holy set of gear and we stepped into a heroic.  Hubs did fabulous.  No one died (that didn’t deserve it :3) and he was calm and collected.  I am a bit jealous that he didn’t have “chair pants” on his first time EVER healing.  When I say first time ever, I mean he has never seriously healed as his main objective in this game since picking it up in 2007!  Sure, he’s lazily tossed a couple Penances at my characters while leveling his priest.  Ask any healer though; that’s not the same as /healing/.  I am so proud of my husband!  And thankful that he’s indulged my wanting him to heal.  I knew he’d be good at it!

So for the last couple of weeks, Marsaili and Nightrode have been offered to join Waypoint in a regression raid and a farm raid.  The generosity of our group really makes me feel the warm fuzzies.  They have all been very patient and understanding as 1) Nightrode learns to raid and 2) I learn to heal on my shaman.

Last night was a new experience, however.  My shaman was healing her first T11 raid and I was excited!  I have been researching and reading about resto shaman to get an idea of what to expect — what I didn’t fully realize was how well a resto shaman/disc priest/resto druid would compliment each other.  Healing Rain + Wild Growth + Divine Aegis = UNSTOPPABLE HEALS.  This may be obvious to more experienced raiders, but it was an epiphany last night.  We had been running 2 resto druids and a holy paladin then 2 resto druids and disc priest.  We got the job done easily through lots of damage mitigation and sheer throughput.  But this new setup is much more fun!  I love slapping Healing Rain down and then Chain Healing ALL THE PEOPLE.  >:D

I can’t wait to try the “Waypoint Bubble Trap of Heals” … Gonna be so sweeeet.  (Healing Rain underneath Power Word: Barrier and a Tranquility tossed in for good measure)

Also last night, I won 4 upgrades!  I won the shoulder token and Fall of Mortality off Cho’gall, the Blade of the Witching Hour from Theralion and Valiona, and the Scepter of Ice from Ascendant Council.  I am *still* flabergasted that I received so much loot in one run!  It is truly beyond comprehension for me.  I love Waypoint, y’all. <3



Special Thanks to Arianera!

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout and “THANKS YOU ARE SO AWESOME OMGOMG” to Arianera of RiftCraft for making my header image and helping me get on my way to my own website.  Her experience, insight, and sheer talent have been imensely helpful and appreciated.

Now if I can only repay her! *Hint Hint* ;D