Marvin’s Birthday!

My cat is 13 years old today!

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4 Days to Christmas!

Today is *hopefully* my last day in the office this week before Christmas!  I have to go to Chattanooga tomorrow for a meeting (not excited about flying, though!) and then I’m off Thursday so I can get us ready to head out to the ATL.  I have to take Mr. Crotchety Pants to the vet for a nice vacay… But I’m going to miss him.  I hope he’s nice to Dr. King and Ms. Judy.


Marvin & the Dia-beetus


***This is a non-WoW post.  Not that I ever post anything really illuminating about World of Warcraft, but if you’d rather read something WoW-related, I suggest this or this or even this.***

My cat, Marvin, is diabetic.  For those that don’t know, this is really not that uncommon in domestic cats.  Considering that cats are actually a lot like humans, physiologically, it’s not that surprising.

We adopted Marvin in September 2009 and it’s been a roller-coaster of medical issues ever since.  But bless our hearts, we really love him.

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