Archaeology Funtimes

I’ve been working on my archaeology for the past couple of days — I really REALLY want the Vial of the Sands recipe!

I saw someone in Stormwind the other day with the <Assistant Professer> title and thought that was pretty cool. I also thought “Wow, I wish I could get that, too.” Well…


Not only did I get the title, but I also found the Fossilized Hatchling companion pet!

Now I only need 4 pets to get my little fawn.  So excite!


Twilight Jasmine, you tease

Questing in Twilight Highlands and herbalizing everything I can get my giant, awkward nelfie hands on… when I saw this:

Yes… That is a Twilight Jasmine FLOATING in mid-air. Here’s another shot just for fun:

This expansion has been out for only a week and finding little glitches like this is far more amusing that it probably should be. Oh well, simple is as simple does.. right?

Update! Found another one:

Lvl 85! And other updates!

Lizziã on her Seahorse

I was using Tumblr but that service (?) has quite the subculture going on and I’m just not sure it’s the right place for me. Isn’t it interesting to see these different groups interact and communicate? Unfortunately, the stuff I’ve seen on Tumblr appears to be a little.. I don’t know how to say this… immature? for me. I don’t particularly want to see “F@#$ Yeah!” posts/categories/whatever. Maybe I’m getting old or I’m out of tune with the hipsters.

I digress…

I hit 85 on my druid, Lizziã, Monday night! Yippee!!! Now to work on getting my husband’s pally to 85. Then….

Worgen! He made a warlock to go with my mage and they’re both 11 right now. I was thinking that maybe one of us should be able to rez, but what the hell.. We’ll soon be blowing stuff up and burning it down too quickly to be dying too often. I hope. O_O

Also, I’d like to point out how much the last boss in The Stonecore can kiss my lily white ass. I really dislike her and her stupid swirling purple zones of death. XPPPP

Draenei vs. Dwarf: The Smackdown

Today is THE day!  Patch 4.0.3a is dropping and Blizzard has retracted their “No race changes with 4.0.3a” stance.  So I’m interested…

For Alliance shaman, there has always only been one choice (and before The Burning Crusade, there wasn’t a choice!):  Draenei.  This patch, however, add dwarf to that list! 

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Elemental Invasion Antics

Phase 4 of the Elemental Invasion launch event started today and somehow morphed into Mammothville in both Stormwind and Ironforge on Misha-US.

Hosted by

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The 4 bosses were kinda tough. They each had about 1 million health and at least 2 had a knockback. The Princess’s knockback was really annoying because you don’t see it until it’s too late (hint: a shadow appears under you about 2 seconds before you’re knocked). In all, the loot drops are nice and the fights are challenging. MMO-Champion has the shared loot table. If you have time, go check out this phase! Neat-o!

Getting ready for Cataclsym

Now that I’ve gotten epic flying for the character that will be my main in Cataclysm, my in-game goals are shifting to getting prepared for the expansion and the upcoming leveling this character will do as well as preparing for my new worgen alt.  I hope to curb my alt-oholism in Cataclysm by sticking to 3 characters max: My shaman main, my worgen alt and a goblin alt.  I’m not very keen on the look of the goblins, so I’m not sure how much time I would spend playing one.  But then again, it’s too early to tell at this point.

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