Unconventional Retweet: Awareness & Compassion

My friend, @outbirk, recently created a very moving, deeply touching “comic”. After reading it and experiencing the emotions she so perfectly captured, I was in shock. Not shocked by the content, but by her unfathomable ability to make people feel real emotion.

Because I can’t hit “retweet” more than once on Twitter, I wanted to link to her post over at her art blog, Marching Ant Studio, to share this beautiful art.

I also wanted to post this message as a reminder to everyone that real people are experiencing these illnesses and They. Are. Real. Please remember that the next time you use the word “insane” or “crazy” or “mental” — words have power to hurt; to dimish; to ignore. Words can also uplift people and make them feel included. We all use words sometimes without thinking and it’s definitely hard to be a watchman for every thought exiting your mouth. But. Think about using a different, more accurate word, the next time you think “crazy.” Be compassionate for those with life experiences different than yours. The world will be a better place!

Liz’s Golden Rule #3: Say what you actually mean and mean what you say.

Okay, off to level my 4th shaman with tears in my eyes.