Neav UI & the Raiding Healer: A Verdict

Well. Although I have been using Neav UI for a few days (week?) in 5-mans and LFR, I wanted to see how it would perform in a “real” raid setting where debuffs matter more and coordination is king. So we tromped into Dragon Soul last night and I was rocking Neav UI. Everything was good as gold until _that_guy. You know who I’m talking about. He’s T13’s Chimaeron (for Waypoint, at least). Warlord Zon’ozz.

Since I am specced into both Improved Cleanse Spirit and Cleansing Waters, I was asked to be the sole dispeller on this fight. I was also asked to call out who I was dispelling so they would be ready for the knockback. (Keep in mind, this was a strategy we were trying. This strategy, whether right or wrong, is not the point of this post.)

I was excited. I had a specific job to do during a raid. I had responsibility. I didn’t want to let my raid leader down.

For the first few seconds of the fight, everything was peachy. Then the debuffs were doled out. And all hell broke loose, in my head. The oUF raid frames clearly show the debuff — BUT IT COVERED THE NAMES. Granted, I should know who is where on my raid frames, but I have issues with self-doubt and I get paranoid about doing the wrong thing, so I had to mouseover to check. I even installed Decursive to help, but those unit frames don’t have names either. People, we have two priests, two druids (the death knights aren’t an issue as one is a tank & was the first raid frame).

And then there’s the issue I’ve been having with my mouseover macro for Cleanse Spirit:


/cast [@mouseover, help]Cleanse Spirit; [help]Cleanse Spirit; Cleanse Spirit

Seems pretty straight forward, right? Well, so did I until last night. I realized that my placing this macro on a shift+ modifier button (See screenshot below, bottom bar, button 7; notice the empty slot on the second bar >.>;) was causing it to misfire in relation to the GCD. At least that’s what I could tell. Ever since 4.3, I was having to manually select a target then use my macro. Which negated the whole “mouseover” thing and infuriated me to no end. So, in an ephiphanic moment, I moved my macro down to my main action bar (unmodified) and IT WAS WORKING AGAIN. Sons of biscuit eaters I am a moron.

Let me give you a pro tip: Use what works for you. While some things may be prettier than others, what really matters is your performance in the heat of the moment. Don’t be like me; don’t let your raid leader down over some STUPID issue like dispels. ;~;

So it is with a still-frustrated, perturbed, and slightly sad heart that I will be uninstalling Neav UI. I know I can just change the raid frames. Or I could tweak the raid frames. But I’m now over it as a UI. I’ve failed myself and my raid team in trying to use it — I’m not going there again.

2 thoughts on “Neav UI & the Raiding Healer: A Verdict

  1. We’ve been having difficulty organizing dispels, but I still feel that the dispels are a smaller issue, contrasted with our inability to wrangle the puck effectively because it’ll bounce off lots of things: Geometry; totems; shadowfriend; Ex’s apparitions; a stiff breeze; Subway commercials; impure thoughts about elfs; Maroon 5; the Abominable Greench; the number of people eating grilled cheese sandwiches in Sandusky, Ohio…

    Obviously that people are doing it says it can be done – and with a bit of arrangement, we’re doing okay ourselves – we’re pushing him down further every night, which is cool! But, yeah, we are OVER THIS GUY.

    • Okay I lost it at “impure thoughts about elfs” 8D I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON. HEAD IN THE GAME.

      Yeah, I agree that the issue is larger than the debuffs. I honestly think the ball may be a bit bugged in it’s return bouncing (after hitting people). Like Dee said last night, I hate to bring up bad RNG luck, but that’s how it feels. When I dispelled myself and got knockbacked AND THEN got hit by the damn ball — I am not ashamed to say I slammed my hands on the desk.

      But. We got him to 20% or so last night. We will prevail. WE WILL PREVAIL, ZOIDBERG.

      Also: Thanks for commenting, Snacks <3

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