Neav UI, Part 2

Okay this post is all the stuff I forgot to talk about in my previous post. Derp.

Other Cool Stuff About Neav UI


  • The screenshots on the WoWInterface page for Neav UI show only two action bars shown. I haven’t changed that on my own setup, but it’s available.
  • You can choose to hide/display the macro text and keybind text on the action bars.
  • There is a little game menu cleverly inlaid on the right gryphon: 
  •  There are two vertical action bars on the right side of the screen, as in the default UI, but they show up on mouseover. You have to have these bars enabled in the Interface > Action bars menu first, though.
  • If you mouseover the minimap, the City/District/Location will display on the map. Also, a small bar will pop up from the top of the minimap that shows how many guildies and friends are online as well as your fps. Mousing over the fps indicator will show you a list of addon memory usage. 
  • The number in the upper-right corner of the minimap is the date (day only), but clicking it will open the calendar.
  • When you join the LFD queue, a capital L will show up in the upper-left corner of the minimap. Mousing over it will show your queue progress and provides teleport in/out access.
  • A capital N shows up in the bottom-right of the minimap to indicate New Mail.
  • And lastly, a capital P appears in the bottom-left for Battlegrounds/Arenas (I don’t arena, so I’m assuming arena activities use the same indicator?)

Miscellaneous Goodies

  • Castbar is class-colored, shows latency/cast time and has the option to show the spell icon: 
  • Item durability and total durability are displayed on the Character sheet (see screenshot below). That’s handy.
  • The !Beautycase addon changes the borders of certain things like the minimap, castbar, buffs/debuffs, etc.. It also changes things like Recount. Which is cool. 
  • The secondary manabar shows a smaller number below an arrow indicator. This number is your in/out-of combat regen rate. :O 
Other Things to Note
  • There is no bag addon. This UI uses the default bags (which is fine with me!)
  • It seems that all of the panels have not been modded — they are default.
Maybe, just maybe, my next post will include ALL of my thoughts. The first time. ;~;

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