Neav UI: Like Default, but Better!

Given all of the issues surrounding the default raid frames and patch 4.3, I’ve been switching back and forth between different raid frame addons. And I’ve caught the UI tweaking bug again. ;~; I have given up all motivation to build an interface from scratch. I just don’t have the patience or tolerance for bugs like I used to, I guess. I have also tried the newest iterations of several popular compilations (ElvUI, Tukui, and RealUI), I wanted to find a new compilation to try.

Enter Neav UI.

Neav UI caught my attention immediately because it does the one thing I want interface modifications to do: Look like the default, but better. Man, this UI is pretty sweet. Not only does it improve the look of the UI, it brings a couple nice features, which I will talk about below.

I’ve used the action bar addon included in this interface before, nMainbar. What I like the most about it is that the XP/Rep bars are legible. I know Bartender has a similar preset, but Bartender shrinks the XP/Rep bars to unreadable font sizes. You can’t even distinguish the “bubbles” — No thank you!

I also like that the Player/Target/Focus unit frames retain the look of the default unit frames, but add in details like class color and shortened health/mana texts. The Focus frame also comes with a little “tag” of sorts — it’s the same group number identifier used on the default player unit frame when you’re in a raid. On the Focus frame, this tag is also the way you move the frame around (left click and drag).

The raid frames are handled by the oUF addon and have been configured for this UI. They also work straight out of the box — I didn’t need to set up my indicators for my buffs/HoTs. Those were already set up! Talk about awesome. And a minor, yet makes-Liz-exceedingly-happy, detail: The indicator colors are colors I would have chosen. Double awesome.

Above the action bars, you’ll notice a small, thin blue bar. That’s an additional mana bar, which is another beautiful detail in this UI. For some reason (and I have checked the LUA file), you can’t move the player/target unit frames like you can with the default. I typically bring them both down to the middle-bottom of my screen so I can keep an eye on my mana bar. I think the inability to move these unit frames may be the biggest drawback to this UI. But with the addition of that additional manabar, I really don’t care. I can watch my health on the raid frames and I can watch my mana on that second bar. I can’t tell you how amazing that bar is. Middle of a fight and I know *exactly* how much mana, right there, in my stupid face.

There is one thing to note about this UI: No in-game configuration. You will need to be able to at least read a LUA file and know the basics of the syntax in order to tweak this UI to your liking. I had to do some tweaks myself, but they were pretty minor since I am not a LUA expert. You can find my tweaks below:

Neav UI Tweaks (Note: I have listed the various AddOn folders where you will need to edit the enclosed config.lua file. Go to your WoW directory > Interface > AddOns > Folder listed below > config.lua.  Open the config.lua in Notepad, make your edits, and save the file.)

– Adjusted position to (0, -250)

– Adjusted scale on all main units to .95
– Changed horizontal health bars to true
– manabar horizontal orientation set to true
– Adjusted castbar position to (0, 175)

– Adjusted font size to 13
– Adjusted health font size to 12

– Set showKeybinds and showMacronames to true

**Moving Focus, Raid Frames & Stance bar (haven’t figured out how to move totem bar)**

  • Focus frame: click and hold where it says “Focus”
  • Raid frames: type /neavrt to unlock, then move where you want them, type /neavrt to lock
  • Stance/Shapeshift bar: Shift+alt+left click and drag
All-in-all, I am really enjoying this UI. I haven’t tried it in a real raid yet, but that’ll be soon. :) If you have any questions about my setup, feel free to email me, Tweet me, or drop me an in-game note!





2 thoughts on “Neav UI: Like Default, but Better!

  1. I’m so glad you did a post on this. I saw your tweet earlier and being a disaffected ElvUI user (srsly Elv, Y U MESS WITH MY INTERFACE?!) I was intrigued. I’ll stick with ElvUI for now, but I appreciate the work you did!

    • Thanks! I was really saddened by ElvUI 3.0. It’s just not the same. If I’m going to have to tweak a compilation UI, I’d much rather fiddle with a few options than have to basically redo all the options (*cough*ElvUI*cough*).

      I’ve got a Part 2 post in the works to add some more information about Neav UI… I forgot to mention some of the other features.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! <3

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