Dreams & Fears: What the hell.

The Nightmare, Johann Heinrich Füssli 1781 (Source: Wikipedia)

I’m not sure why, but I have a lot of nightmares. A LOT. Last night was no exception and I ended up waking up my husband. Again.

I had a dream that he was annoying me with a camera (I don’t even..) so I went to our spare bedroom to go to sleep. The first weird thing is that the relation of my dream bedroom to my dream spare bedroom was very different than the real layout. It was like we were in someone else’s house. I digress… it only gets weirder.

So he comes in to see what I’m doing (god bless him, he never gets it when I’m upset) and I tell him “Trying to sleep!” He says “Okay,” walks out and shuts the door. Immediately after the door shuts, I feel a man’s hand sliding up my right thigh toward my hip. I am so freaked out that I can’t even breathe or scream. I was choking on my own breath.

This is when I wake up and hear my husband say “Are you okay!? Are you okay!?” Yep… it was his hand, but I didn’t recognize it in my dreamstate. After realizing what just happened (and that I was safe), I started to cry.

I hate my dreams.

Another recurring dream I have is being hovered over by a ghost. I can never make out whether it’s a male or female ghost, but I can always detect its presence. I wake up suddenly but still feel as though someone or something is standing over me and staring. It’s quite unnerving and I usually can’t go back to sleep. Let’s just say I really actually dislike Halloween a whole fricking lot. I’m afraid of the dark, Bloody Mary*, and being alone in the house at night. We all have our own fears; those are my big ones.

One last nightmare (for me): I dream that a spider is coming down from the ceiling onto my face. I’ve had this dream A LOT. Sometimes, I have run out of the bedroom because I *knew* there was a damn spider in the bed.

Is it any wonder why I’m so tired all the time? Why I don’t get enough sleep even if I am in the bed from 9pm to 6am? -_-;

Vanderbilt University here in town has a Sleep Clinic. Maybe I should get myself checked out.


*When I was young, I had an… interesting friend… who loved to do all of those things like Ouija boards, “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” things. She made me stand in the dark bathroom with her at night while she tried to summon Bloody Mary. Yep. I’m almost 30 now and *still* scared shitless when I have to use the bathroom at night.


8 thoughts on “Dreams & Fears: What the hell.

  1. It sounds to me like you are suffering from sleep paralysis. It is a relatively common experience where you begin to awaken from sleep before the paralysis that is a normal part of sleep wears off. It has been associated with many things from alien abduction to demonic possession to hauntings.

    I have experienced them, and for me they are terrifying. I have a tremendous feeling of fear, the sensation that someone is in the room with me, hovering over the bed, sometimes pushing down on me or the covers. Since reading about the effects of sleep paralysis, I have found that upon waking I am much better able to deal with the residual fear. There is lots of info out there, (Wikipedia articles, NPR etc) but I found this link brief but informative. Hopefully knowing a little about why you might be having these experiences, and how harmless the cause is, will alleviate your distress. http://www.csicop.org/specialarticles/show/waking_up_to_sleep_paralysis/

    • That’s some freaky stuff! But it does sound similar to my experiences. I haven’t felt paralysis through my whole body, though (thankfully). It is helpful to know why things happen to us — it’s especially part of my nature to want to figure things out.

      Thanks for stopping by and the link!

  2. Have you looked at things like dream interpretations? If you can’t seem to beat having the nightmares, maybe see if you can interpret them and gain some semblance of control over them that way, then who knows what will happen… plus the couple things you described all come up as “good” things to dream about even if they suck the will to live out of you for now :x if that makes sense…

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