Focus Macro Magic!

So while I was watching Learn2Raid‘s Dragon Soul PTR videos, I noticed that Kinaesthesia’s focus frame was switching to whomever he was healing. And I was intrigued.

Another way to get more usefulness out of the default UI? Lessen dependency on addons for raiding? WHY YES I WILL THANK YOU.

Tonight… tonight I figured out how he may be doing it. I added a couple lines to my mouseover macros (my heals, Earth Shield, Unleash Elements, etc.):


/focus [target=mouseover]

(can also use /focus [@mouseover] if you’re running into the macro character limitation) I tried this and the macro didn’t work. <:\ I’m no macro expert.

I’ve found it to be a great way to keep an eye on the boss for shocking and regenerating mana AND keep an eye on who you’re healing since the default raid frames only show so many buffs/debuffs.

I made a short video showing this neat trick in action. Enjoy!


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