5.0 Shaman Talent Changes – First Look Part 3: Totemic Changes

I’ve discussed before my thoughts on the new 5.0 talent changes for shamans and healing-centric talents. Now I want to delve into the new totems coming in patch 5.0!

>>Level 15<<

Earthgrab Totem appears to be a new “root” mechanism for shaman wherein it actually stops other players or NPCs rather than just slowing/snaring them like the current Earthbind Totem does. I see this mainly as a PVP totem, but it could have uses in PVE settings where there are adds that need to be controlled.

Repulsion Totem is a straight knock-back or possibly fear-type ability, or so it seems. I’m guessing the enemies would flee away from the totem. Cool! Again, I see more uses for this in PVP than PVE, but you never know!

>>Level 30<<

Stone Bulwark Totem looks like it’s taken cues from the priest’s Power Word: Barrier — I like damage mitigation, so this seems like an interesting addition to the shaman arsenal.

>>Level 45<<

Windwalk Totem … I’m starting to think that a lot of the dungeon and raid fights in 5.0 will have some kind of gimmicky boss mechanism involving fear. <:\ Not sure if Tremor Totem is getting tossed, but this appears to be either an addition to Tremor Totem or a replacement for it.

Tranquil Mind Totem will bring a much-desired ability for shamans (especially me). Ever wanted to be able to PROACTIVELY guard against known incoming silences? I know I have! I’m kind of excited about this totem — I freaking hate HATE hate being silenced (as a direct-cast healer, silencing could mean death to my healing targets!). It also appears that Blizzard realized NO ONE uses the current Totem of the Tranquil Mind and have appropriately reappropriated the totem name. :)


I hope you’re just as excited about all of these shaman changes as I am! I can’t wait to get to level 90 and start THROWING TOTEMS. And mitigating all the damages. And stopping all the silences. :>



2 thoughts on “5.0 Shaman Talent Changes – First Look Part 3: Totemic Changes

  1. Why would Windwalk replace Tremor ? Movement imapiring effects is not the same as breaking charm, fear or sleep. Windwalk is more like an aoe hand of freedom.
    Earthgrab totem is the same as talented Earthbind totem for Elemental Shaman, so is not a “new” mechanic.

    • Earthgrab is not the same as Earthbind — mobs and enemy players are still free to move with Earthbind. Earthgrab will actually root them in place. Hence, it *is* a new mechanic. Not all shaman are Elemental, so we all don’t have access to that talent.

      And as I said about Tremor, we don’t know the status of our existing totems. It could be that Blizzard removes Tremor and all we’re left with is Windwalk. Since both deal with impairment effects, it does replace it in a way.

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