5.0 Shaman Talent Changes – First Look Part 1: Initial Thoughts

BlizzCon is well underway and the first day was no letdown! Lots of new information is coming in and I’m only now able to start analyzing what the new talent system changes mean for me as a resto shaman. At first glance, the new talent tree system seems very cool. What has been proposed (remember, anything shown at BlizzCon is still subject to change between now and actual release) for shamans looks like Blizzard are trying to ease up the burden of buff/totem shuffling as well as answer the complaint that sometimes shaman may be overlooked because another class brings a buff provided by one of our totems. I’m very interested to see what gets shaken up for patch 5.0 and the next expansion in terms of totemic buffs. And as I play a Resto/Resto (Recently swtiched my offspec back to Elemental — dorf’s gotta have cash, man!) shaman, I’ll be focusing more on the proposed talents that appear to be healing-centric.

I’m just going to throw (hee hee) this out there in the beginning: THROWING TOTEMS Y’ALL. WE CAN THROW OUR TOTEMS.

What could be more badass than a sassy, little dwarf lady jumping around THROWING her totems? NOTHING. Nothing could be more badass than that.

Now for the more serious analysis…. :>

Under the new proposed system, spells and abilities will be divided up by class, talent specialization, and talents. Abilities and spells currently shared by all three talent specializations will likely become “class spells” (e.g., Ghost Wolf, Shocks, Totems, Lightning Shield, etc). It then appears that spells that are currently learned through talents (e.g., Riptide, Mana Tide Totem, etc) will now be learned whenever you pick your talent specialization as well as the other spells we currently learn when choosing the Restoration talent tree (e.g., Earth Shield, Water Shield, etc). Which leaves talents that appear to focus more on providing augmentation to existing spells or adding new totems. I am really interested to see how this system works because we really have the start of it in-game now. It seems to be a different, yet familiar, approach.

Also, it appears that the talent points are learned every 15 levels, beginning at level 15. When you hit level 15, 30, 45, 60… a new row of talents is unlocked but you can only pick ONE of the three talents on that row. I’m not 100% “OOO YAY” about this part of the talent revamp just yet, simply because there are some talents sharing rows that I would like to take (which would end up being more than 1 talent per row; supposedly impossible under this new system. Poo.)

I would list the new talents being developed, but it looks like 99% of them are brand new (or are new talents with old names). So what I am going to do instead is pull out the Resto/healing-centric and new totem talents for high-level analysis.

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