Johnny Awesome is …

The Horde-side quest, Welcome to the Machine, is one of the best in the game. It’s not epic or legendary. (Please, keep the Thunderfury references to a minimum!) But it’s one of those quests, that if you read the quest text, will become a loved memory.  It’s also just funny as hell.

The quest entails your becoming a quest giver (Woo hoo! Fetch me some bear asses!) to three “players”: Dumass, Kingslayer Orkus, and Johnny Awesome.  Each of these “players” represents a stereotype of real-life WoW players… it’s pretty easy to identify (and laugh at) the references.

My favorite part of the whole quest itself is Johnny Awesome. He’s so smug and arrogant riding around on his celestial horse mount (~3.25 in the video). I just… I just…

Here, read it yourself:

<3 I won’t tell you what happens to Dumass, Orkus, or Johnny Awesome.  You’re gonna have to go roll a Hordie and check it out for yourself!


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