Day 19 – In My Bags/Bank

I’m back to my 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!  I know, I know.. SLACKER.  Today I’m gonna show you my pathetic bags and bank inventories.

I am not a gold-maker.  I suck at simply buying stuff on the Auction House.  I typically vendor all the grey crap and keep some of the white or better quality items.  Until I realize they’re also crap and vendor them.  You’ll see I’m broke as well — Just spent a week buying/gathering mats to level my Engineering, make about 4 epics and gem/enchant all of that stuff.  The gemming and enchanting is really awful (except for Jewelcrafters/Enchanters ;D)

Click to embiggen!

What’s in my bags?

My Backpack is my consumables, toys (like Jeeves and MOLL-E), fishing gear, and other stuff I need to keep on-hand 24/7.  I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but my hearthstone MUST stay in that upper left slot of the Backpack.  On all of my characters.

The next bag above my Backpack usually holds my Sexylayg outfit plus some additional “soon-to-be-needed” items like recipes, schematics/patterns, and profession things that don’t fit in my profession bag.

The third bag is my quest item/stuff to keep for a short amount of time bag.  Yeah, I manually sort things, but I actually know what I have better than if I were to use an inventory addon like ArkInventory. I keep miscellaneous stuff here.

The fourth bag is my profession bag.  On my shaman as seen above, it’s a giant Elementium Toolbox that I made while leveling and have YET to fill to the brim.  Which is both annoying and amusing at the same time.

My fifth and final bag usually holds crap to sell or auction.  Putting all of my sellables into one bag makes disposing of them really quick — I don’t use a grey item selling addon (See, I have this thing.  And apparently, it’s a thing.) 

And that bank. Holy crap Liz.

Yeah, yeah.. I know what you’re saying.  “What the hell is all of that stuff?!”  Welp… It’s tabards, holiday clothes, my T10ish gear, some more holiday stuff, trinkets and other knick-knacks I can’t part with.

See, I don’t horde things in my bags/bank.  This is why I’m broke, too.  I dunno… I’ve never felt I needed to hold onto anything.  I wish I could, though, because I’d like to be able to afford nice things in-game.  I just have no economic discipline.

But I kept the Steamy Romance Novel my best friend gave me!


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