Thankfulness & Generosity

I’ve been in the guild Waypoint seriously since May (I rolled an alt in March while still messing around in Rift) when I transferred Lizzia to Medivh.  About a week (I think?) of having Lizzia in the guild, I was offered a spot to come along on a romp through Blackwing Descent.  And the rest is history.  ;D

I got my husband to roll a character on Medivh to join me in Waypoint, his rogue.  That rogue is now level 80! But I knew my husband really loved playing his Draenei paladin, Nightrode.  So I finally convinced him a couple weeks ago to transfer Nightrode to Medivh (and I transferred Reura — who had to become Marsaili due to the name being taken already ;~;).

I even convinced my husband that he would be a great holy paladin and you know what?  HE TOTALLY IS.  Since he’s a blacksmith, he was able to cobble together a holy set of gear and we stepped into a heroic.  Hubs did fabulous.  No one died (that didn’t deserve it :3) and he was calm and collected.  I am a bit jealous that he didn’t have “chair pants” on his first time EVER healing.  When I say first time ever, I mean he has never seriously healed as his main objective in this game since picking it up in 2007!  Sure, he’s lazily tossed a couple Penances at my characters while leveling his priest.  Ask any healer though; that’s not the same as /healing/.  I am so proud of my husband!  And thankful that he’s indulged my wanting him to heal.  I knew he’d be good at it!

So for the last couple of weeks, Marsaili and Nightrode have been offered to join Waypoint in a regression raid and a farm raid.  The generosity of our group really makes me feel the warm fuzzies.  They have all been very patient and understanding as 1) Nightrode learns to raid and 2) I learn to heal on my shaman.

Last night was a new experience, however.  My shaman was healing her first T11 raid and I was excited!  I have been researching and reading about resto shaman to get an idea of what to expect — what I didn’t fully realize was how well a resto shaman/disc priest/resto druid would compliment each other.  Healing Rain + Wild Growth + Divine Aegis = UNSTOPPABLE HEALS.  This may be obvious to more experienced raiders, but it was an epiphany last night.  We had been running 2 resto druids and a holy paladin then 2 resto druids and disc priest.  We got the job done easily through lots of damage mitigation and sheer throughput.  But this new setup is much more fun!  I love slapping Healing Rain down and then Chain Healing ALL THE PEOPLE.  >:D

I can’t wait to try the “Waypoint Bubble Trap of Heals” … Gonna be so sweeeet.  (Healing Rain underneath Power Word: Barrier and a Tranquility tossed in for good measure)

Also last night, I won 4 upgrades!  I won the shoulder token and Fall of Mortality off Cho’gall, the Blade of the Witching Hour from Theralion and Valiona, and the Scepter of Ice from Ascendant Council.  I am *still* flabergasted that I received so much loot in one run!  It is truly beyond comprehension for me.  I love Waypoint, y’all. <3



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