Day 18 – My favorite Outfit

I have at least 3 favorite outfits.  I can’t pick just one!

My all-time favorite is the Priest Vestments of Faith (T3).

It’s just… pretty!  I love the halo! Sadly, my priest was never able to acquire it (she was created in Wrath), but I like to deck her out with it in the WoW Model Viewer and ooooh and ahhhh. :3

My second favorite set is the Druid Cenarion Raiment (T1).

Lizzia modeling T1! She's still missing the shoulders, tho.

It’s classic Druid attire! Complete with HORNS. /ROAR!

And lastly, my newly favorite set is the Black Mageweave Set. On a female Dorf.


Check out that caboose! She’s hot. Admit it. ;D (Belt not included!)


2 thoughts on “Day 18 – My favorite Outfit

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