Day 06: My Desk/Gaming Area

My husband and I both play WoW in the same room, backs to each other (because he has a corner desk).   It’s been working out so far, except my desk is a tad short for me and that causes me to slouch.  Bad Liz!

Here’s a picture of my desk and desktop (sorry they’re blurry!):

My desk!

Yay flatscreen monitor!

We’re hoping to get “real” office chairs soon so we can put the dining table chairs back in the dining room >.>




5 thoughts on “Day 06: My Desk/Gaming Area

  1. Hi there! Those drawers are jam-packed full of utter crap. xD And I actually put that desk together all by myself when I got it. It was in a thousand pieces! (The two little dots above the top drawer are countersink screws — that piece is actually backwards! haha)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :D

    • There really isn’t any legroom under there — I typically sit cross-legged with my leg resting against the front of the desk. I also tend to get up and do other things while I play (AFK Princess!) so that helps, too. I’d like to get a new desk that sits higher and has a bigger space on top. *wishful thinking*

      Thanks for your comment! :)

      • i wish you to have the best spacious desk in the most near future! :)

        i myself had several cramped desks in the past so i figured sometimes it’s more comfortable to get a pillow and sit on the floor with your monitor on a coffee table or something like that. i once spent a few weeks using my PC like that after moving in to a new apartment with no desk at all %)

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