Day 05: Favorite Item(s) In-Game

There’s a lot about the actual “stuff” in World of Warcraft that I love.  But, for the sake of brevity, I’m going to only list my absolute favorite items with a short reason why I love it so much. :D

Update: Forgot the reasons why like the Derpy McHurrsalot that I am. Added now!

Liz’s Favorite In-Game Items

  • Sea Turtle Mount – It’s a turtle. And you can ride on her back. And she’s female. LOOK AT THAT FACE OKAY.
  • Lifegiving Seed – I love turning into a plant. Soothes my inner-hippie.
  • Swift Moonsaber – Prettiest kitty mount. Lots of purple.
  • Tiny Sporebat – Cute! And he’s got pretty colors on his lil body.
  • Legs – Have you seen this little guy run behind you? No? OMG CLICK HERE
  • Cenarion Raiment – I’m a druid. This is the unofficial Official Druid Gear set.  It makes you look like a druid. Forreal.
  • Steamy Romance Novel – My BFF keeps sending these to me. <3
  • An Exotic Cookbook – hahahahahahahahahahahreadthetooltip
  • Hyacinth Macaw – Prettiest bird in the game! I have a theme of liking blue/purple/green pets :o
  • Silver Dress Robes – This is just pretty.  I love the pink detail on the front!

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting, but there you go. :D


2 thoughts on “Day 05: Favorite Item(s) In-Game

    • It’s a toss up between Legs and Hyacinth for who’s gonna be tagging along during “Waypoint’s Beatdown Conference with Dragons” nights… :D

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