Day 04: My Best WoW Memories

So my memory is for crap, right?  I am having a hard time thinking of just a single great WoW memory — I have a lot.  I’ll tell you about just a couple.

Corpse Crawling in Eastern Plaguelands with my husband

When my husband and I were about level 40 on his warrior and my shaman, we decided it would be a good idea to just run through Eastern Plaguelands to get to Scarlet Monastery.  Don’t ask; I couldn’t tell you why we went that way if my life depended on it.  Now this was back in The Burning Crusade when Eastern Plaguelands was still for levels 55-60.  Hence the corpses.  We’d run as far as we could before getting ganked by some ?? mob.  We ghost run to our corpse, then try it again.  After about 15 ghost runs, we eventually made it to Western Plaguelands and the safety of the road.  I believe this single instance of dying really pushed my tolerance for dying to an all-time low.  I have since gotten much better about wiping/dying, but for a long time I would nerdrage.  Blame Shug for that one.

To this day, I still cringe when I hear a male night elf dying somewhere. >.>

“Maul”ing Perviesage

When my best friend started playing WoW in 2008, we all (her, my husband and I and another couple of friends) rolled Horde.  I rolled my druid (then named Buldinga) and my husband rolled a troll mage named Perviesage.  Bonus manga-nerd points to those who recognize the reference -_-;  One day we were running to Mulgore for something (the theme of Liz Can’t Remember Shit is coming through loud and clear now, isn’t it?) and my husband was being a smartass, so I created my own emote macro that said:

Buldinga mauls Pervisage!

He actually stopped his character’s movement because he was laughing so hard.  Now, whenever he’s being cheeky, I just say “MAUL” and we both get a kick out of it. <3 Perviesage.

Turtles All the Way Down

You see, I love turtles.  And tortoises.  I have lots of little turtles all over my house and office at work.  When my paladin fished up the Sea Turtle mount, I literally ran around yelling for a couple minutes.  I screenshotted that pretty girl and even emailed my mom (who doesn’t play WoW but still enjoyed the picture!).  I only need to fish her up on my druid now. >.<


One thought on “Day 04: My Best WoW Memories

  1. Somewhere in your blog challenge you need to mention the whole…er, that thing we do when we are standing around and we kinda…spaz across the screen. YOUKNOWHATIMTALKINGABOUT!! Keystrokes look like: aaaawwwwdddddddssssssaaaaawwwwwddddddqqqqqqeeeeeewwwww….omg, thats awesome :)

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