Day 03: My First Day Playing WoW

It’s been quite awhile since I started playing WoW that I don’t remember my first day.  I do have some memories of those first few weeks, however.

My very first ever character was a night elf druid named Mireille.  My husband rolled his warrior, Loocifer (who he still has today!) and we set off to kill some purplish cats.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to fight, so I ended up doing a mishmash of Wrath spam and whacking at the cats with my staff.  For some reason, I remember the movement a female night elf makes when whacking things with big sticks.  I also remember getting super frustrated with her and yelling “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” and “HOW DO I MOVE.”  I’m one of those people who when playing Mario Brothers, I physically make the controller “jump” to make Luigi (Yes, I always have to play stupid Luigi) jump.  I’ve never been very good at console games, so learning how to move around and use abilities in WoW was a week-long testament of my husband’s patience.

We finally finished the quests in the little cave there in Shadowglen after about 3 days.  We both kept dying to the evil, evil spiders for quite some time before realizing that we could just run away from them (and they’d “reset”).

I eventually rerolled a human rogue whose name has completely slipped my mind.  I leveled her to 20 and lost interest.  Maybe it was the poison quest in Westfall?  It was likely the sparkle-factor of the new Draenei (since we had finally purchased TBC).  Deleting that rogue has cemented my altoholism quite firmly. /sigh


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