Day 02: Why I Decided to Blog

My blog, as you can see from my About Me page, is really just a landing place for some of my thoughts. Like Rhii recently mentioned, just about everyone else has said anything that crosses my mind about WoW. I knew this going in, so I’ve always felt a little laissez-faire about my blog. I don’t like repeating what other people say (although sometimes it just happens for whatever reason) and feel like it’s a waste of time since most other people will say it better than I ever could.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a place in the blogging community for me! Which leads me to post ideas, pictures, videos and other things to my own blog that I want to share. I have a Tumblr blog as well, but there’s not a whole lot of room for conversations there – I see it more as a “hey check this out real quick” type of interaction. This blog, however, provides plenty of room to discuss ideas and share thoughts amongst a group.

I don’t aim to be a resource for people nor do I claim to know a whole lot about anything related to WoW. I just want to share my experience because that’s what builds a community. :)


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