A New, Yet Familiar Home

About a month ago, I wrote about starting a character on Medivh-US and playing Rift.  The weekend before last, I resubscribed to WoW.  I haven’t had the motivation to log into Rift since that time.  My highest level Rift character is 38 and it just seems more of the same – quest here, close this annoying rift (I’m lookin at you, Mr. Bring-the-Wolves-to-the-Light Rift), quest quest quest.

One point of demotivation: I know a helluvalot less about the world, history, NPCs, quests, etc., which was frustrating for me.  While the Rift database at Zam is starting to look as cool as WoWhead (they’re owned by the same company), it’s just not as robust.  And let’s face it, I pay my bills by finding needed information.  An empty database is pretty, well, irritating for me (yes yes, I know it will be filled soon; I’m not keen on waiting for that).  There are also a few other things about Rift that have made me think “Meh, I liked [whatever feature] in WoW better.”  This is not to say that there aren’t features in Rift I wish were in WoW (like checking the box to cast on target’s target – no macros needed; right-clicking a waypoint on the map; public groups).

So I found myself yearning to return to the familiar.  I also wanted to start “fresh,” so to speak.  I was leveling a bébé druid named Lizzia on Medivh with the guild Waypoint.  I thought to myself (like I’m prone to do now that I have 7 level 80+ characters), “why am I leveling a whole new druid when I have one at 85 already!?.  So, I transferred my 85 druid, Lizziã to Medivh last weekend and changed her name to Lizzia (no funky a; baleeted the bébé to get it).  I also respecced her to Restoration and have been having such a good time!  Guild chat is not a communication desert anymore!  There are actual people I can actually help!

I’ve even been 50% successful on bringing my husband to Medivh.  He rolled a nelf rogue last night about 4:30pm and 3.5 hours later, level 9. We will likely get to level 10 tonight, he on his rogue, me on my new dorf healadin Beattrice.  I’ve been asking him to transfer one of his level 85 characters (preferably his ret pally) but he’s not keen on it (considering he’d have to part with money to do so).

So!  Thanks to Waypoint for being awesome.  I feel welcomed and liked.  That feels nice for a change. :)

To mah Rifting frands: I’m sorry to disappoint if I have; may you bring Regulos to swift justice in the near future!



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