Rift Cleric: Justicar for duo-leveling

Just a quick note:  The Justicar soul (well, this level 32 build to be exact) is really a lot of fun in a duo-leveling scenario.  I’ve been playing my cleric solely with my husband’s Champion/Paragon/Riftblade (I think his third soul is Riftblade?) and the Justicar’s indirect heals have been great.  Of course, it takes a good 30 seconds to kill something, but we both have increased survivability thanks to Righteous Mandate, Reprieve and Doctrine of Righteousness.

I still have my Druid/Shaman/Purifier role plus my healer role (which I keep going back and forth between Warden and Purifier as the focus of that build). I recently saw that to get a faster mount at 40 I will need 35 platinum, so a 4th role is out for awhile (I would make it another healer role so I could have 1 Warden-based role and 1 Purifier-based role).

I digress… Just wanted to share (and check out WordPress’s “Aside” format for posts!)

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