Rift: My Opinion

I’m now in my 2nd beta for the new game, Rift.  Since my experience in playing MMOs is heavily based on the World of Warcraft with some Florensia and Lord of the Rings Online thrown in there, I have to say that I like Rift. A lot.  I’ve pre-ordered the collector’s edition (which may or may not be due to the turtle mount >.>).

What I like about Rift:

1) The gameplay is familiar and the questing is linear, which are both good.

2) The public grouping mechanic is stellar!  I am a casual player and I don’t raid in WoW (due to many variables) but being able to run up to a rift and join a raid is freaking awesome.

3) You can customize the user interface pretty in-depth by resizing individual pieces. Minimap needs to be smaller? Done!  Need 3 action bars at 70% scale? Did it!  Want tiny, tiny bags? Pshht, done last week!

4) You can also import a UI layout between characters on the same shard (=realm=server).  /thumbsup

5) You can DYE your armor. Purple.

6) The default raid frames show debuffs efficiently and can be resized and moved around.

7) My triple-healing soul cleric can still kick the ass in an efficient manner.

8) Zillions of character customization options.

9) As soon as you can afford it (2 platinum, 50 gold = 2 gold, 50 silver), you can buy and ride a mount.  No level restriction!

What I don’t like about Rift:

1) The Soul System is overwhelming

Chiefly, the soul tree system is a bit overwhelming to me.  It’s much like the original talent trees in WoW — and I found that overwhelming as well.  The awesome thing about the Rift souls is that you can 1) end up with 9 ‘talent’ trees; 2) start accumulating points almost immediately (not having to wait 10 levels); and 3) you gain access to fun stuff quickly.  But a max-level Rift character will end up using all TEN action bars available because there are just. so. many. abilities.  Of course, it will take time to sift through all of those abilities and perhaps I’ll be able to focus on a core group.  I’m all about efficiency and this soul system is killing my buzz, man.

2) The graphics are boring yet too good

Someone in-game said “This game is like Aion and Wow had a baby.”  I agree; and I agree with everyone saying that the graphics are awesome.  But there’s a part of the whole game that makes my eyes hurt.  It’s got to be the highlight effect (which is rather bright compared to the rest of the coloring in the game).  Or the fact that everything has a sort-of grey, bland coloring.  World of Warcraft is a brightly-colored, vivid game and I really enjoy that.  Rift, on the other hand, is all muted tones and boring.  I think they’re going for “realistic” but ended up with “blah”.  I’m playing a game to play a game, not live real life.  I don’t care if a game is outlandish and more vibrant than the real world — it’s a game! :)  I expect clown colors.  I don’t expect to strain my eyes when trying to determine how other players have chosen to customize their toons. <:\

3) The racial choices are pretty underwhelming/No body artwork available

There are 3 racial choices for each of the 2 factions.  And they all look like elves or humans.  Even the dwarfs are not really that dwarf-like.  Of course, please note that I’ve only created female characters.  The male dwarf, from what I’ve seen, looks like the WoW dwarf model.   >.<  Also, in the loading screens you see a female character with light greenish body art (I’m unsure if it’s considered tattoos or just henna-like artwork).  As far as I have seen, this type of body art is unavailable.  It’s really cool looking!  I’d rather have some art on her arm or torso than on her forehead /facepalm.

All in all, I like the game.  I think it’s worth the money I paid for the pre-order CE.  At least I get 30-days of game time, too.  My concerns or dislikes about the game are really pretty trivial or can be addressed through experience in playing the game.  They are certainly not deal breakers for me.  I mean, I played Florensia.


4 thoughts on “Rift: My Opinion

  1. Heya! Well, I followed a link from Twitter and here I am. But the more I see about Rift, the more I’m waiting for Blizzard to slap a plagarism order on the people that made Rift. It’s unbelievably like WoW…right down to the UI. Something about the game really rubs me the wrong way. I’m a Blizzard fangirl at heart, have been playing their products since I was 12 and I’m 29 now. But I will admit when they are wrong and there’s a lot that needs to be fixed with WoW. But in no way would I just run off and play another game, it feels like cheating. Alright, alright so I play Dragon Age: Origins and I can’t wait till DAO2 comes out next month. There’s no way on earth that I’d ever play another MMO though.

    You hit the nail on the head though when you say that Rift is too realistic. I don’t like my video games to be like that, otherwise I would hang out more outside the house. You know, that big scary REAL LIFE WORLD… :P I spend enough time at work, I work in retail and have to deal with morons everyday. So coming home to FANTASY games is my way of dealing with my stress. It’s the reason I quit playing Guild Wars, that too seemed far too lifelike. I like fantasy, I like blood and guts and gore. If it wasn’t WoW, I’d be playing DAO. Or even going out, buying an XBox and playing games with zombies in it. Oh god, I miss House of the Dead. Sorry, rambling.

    Anyway, I’m sure you get my various points. I’m sticking with WoW. I love the game and I aint leaving, no matter how many other companies throw shiny tokens at me ;)

    • “no matter how many other companies throw shiny tokens at me”

      I forgot to mention that there’s the whole Planar essence/shard/whatsitcalled aspect of Rift that I don’t understand at all right now. Players have to get planar “something” in order to do … uh.. other stuff. Yeah, I dunno either.

      A lot of people are saying the Rift will be the “WoW-killer” and I don’t believe that. The World of Warcraft has been going strong(er) ever since its beta and I expect it to continue for awhile longer. I will likely continue playing WoW for the forseeable future.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

      Off-topic: I feel ya on the morons in retail. I used to work the customer service counter at a grocery store and there's nothing like some old dude practically spitting in your face over a $0.32 senior discount he was supposed to get but didn't. O_o

      • The appeal of WoW I believe is that it runs on another platform other than Windows, you don’t have to have a super computer to play it and there’s actual fantasy characters other than humans, elves or dwarves. I love my little blood/night elves, but there’s got to be something said for playing races like Worgen, Goblins, Trolls, Orcs and Tauren. Heck, even Draenei are pretty awesome :)

        I’m tired of MMO’s all doing the same BS. I’m Horde and proud. I play Horde because they’re not nicey nicey and they stick up for what they believe instead of letting other factions steamroller them into oblivion. And there’s characters there that you wouldn’t play in RL. That for me is key. I hate humans, I don’t see the point in playing them because it’s too much like RL. No offense, sorry :(

        A friend of my OH will never play anything but humans because he told me once “God will send me to hell for playing something unnatural.” FML. Really? That’s fucking stupid. I hate people without any balls.

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