New UI–Again!


I wanted to give a customized UI another try, this time being influenced by the esteemed Zamir from Planet of the Hats and TotemSpot.  If you’ve not been to TotemSpot, get there NOW.  It’s such a great community for shamans and you’re bound to find something useful there (even if you’re not an awesome shaman or dorf shamlock).

This new UI is a work in progress in that I need to 1) install Reflux; 2) set up all the addons to use Reflux; 3) find mods for my quest tracker and nameplates. I’ve decided that I’m not going to make myself crazy by trying to use Skinner or Aurora or any other mod like that for every little aspect of the game. I just don’t care that much.

I’m also using the following addons:


Unit Frames & Action Bars

The basic goal of this new UI is to centralize my unit frames and abilities (via action bar buttons and Power Auras) so I know what the heck I’m doing when I’m doing it.  It’s not too much to ask of myself, is it?

UF and Action Bars

I only have 1 action bar visible and it’s visible so I can see cooldown timers (via OmniCC).  I have two other action bars set up, but they are keybound so I don’t need to see them.  I can page to them if I want to..but I rarely want to Winking smile

The giant space in between my unit frames and action bars is for raid frames.  I have my party frames set as raid frames, so they will also show up there.  As an elemental shaman, raid frames are not that important, but my offspec is Resto and I am too lazy to configure a whole new UI.  Plus, I may need to offheal on occasion and fooling with raid frames is just too inefficient.

I have some class-colored SLData Text under my action bar for convenience’s sake. Memory usage, fps, latency are grouped together; Guild and friend counts grouped together; Bags and money counts are just kinda.. there.  The one thing I wish were available in the SLData Text options is sliders or – + buttons for moving these elements more precisely. I think I got them pretty well lined up but if one is off by even a pixel, I can tell and it’ll bug me. >.>


Raid Frames

My unit frames and raid frames are set up to show me only the info I truly need: Name, level, afk/offline status.  As a DPS, I don’t really need to see how much health/mana is there or lost.  I also don’t need to see text for class or race – that’s what the class-colored healthbar and portrait are for.

SUF All UFs shown

If you like my unit frames set up, you can download the export here.  To import: General (left column of options in /suf) > Layout Manager > Import.


Buffs, Debuffs & Totem Timers

I’m also using Satrina Buff Frames to show my buffs/debuffs, my target’s buffs/debuffs and totem timers.  Yeah, that’s right. Timers for the totems.  It works pretty well considering Satrina (or whomever created the addon) included a filter for totems. <3

Buffs Debuffs TotemTimers

So far, the SBF totem timers are working pretty well.  They do what I need them to do – Tell me the time left on my totems. I have my totem stomps keybound (F1, F2 and F3 with F4 being Totemic Recall) and I never liked the fly-out totem menus that come with TotemTimers.  It’s a great addon, but it does too much for my tastes.



That’s it for now!  I’ll try to post an update once I get Reflux set up and this UI configured for my other characters (hunter and death knight).


4 thoughts on “New UI–Again!

  1. Glad you found my UI flailings inspiring. Well, influencing, anyway! The result already looks very nice and clean. But, totally random question – where were those screenshots taken?

  2. They were taken in .. Northern Barrens.. Kinda near the Great Chasm. It’s right near that lush area near the chasm.

    But I’ve changed my UI again since then. This is what I have (for all toons):

    I found my “totem timers” were great for timing, but awful at management. And I abhore UI errors — I know there are addons to handle them, but my soul dies a little everytime I see the LUA error box >.>

    Thanks for the comment and keep on zappin on! ;)

  3. I’ve considered hiding my action bars since I know where everything is, but… I’m a chicken. It’s just like getting over the habit of looking at your keyboard while you type, you don’t really need to do it but you’re so used to it that it just feels wrong to take it away, like you’re going to mess something up if you do.

    For nameplates I highly recommend TidyPlates and ThreatPlates, the two work together to make a great nameplates mod.

    As for quest tracking, I don’t bother with addons for that anymore as I’ve found the new default UI to be sufficient.

    • Hi Psynister!

      Taking away something that is foundational, like the action bars, is quite a paradigm shift and I completely agree with you that it’s not easy. I’ve found that if I am picking up a toon I haven’t played in a long time (I’m lookin at you, pally), I will take the time to re-setup my action bars. Taking it step by step, even on a toon you play regularly, is the secret to feeling more comfortable with less buttons on the screen. For example, start with hiding your non-combat buttons. ;)

      I totally agree on the quest tracker — The default one is outstanding. Plus, I never used the ant trails or waypoints included in QuestHelper, so I don’t even miss those features.

      I’ve used TidyPlates and ThreatPlates before and find them to be great in terms of function, but hideous in terms of aesthetic. Even though there are *tons* of themes for TidyPlates, I haven’t found one I truly like. So I just stick with the default.

      My biggest issue with modding the UI is that I end up feeling “all or nothing” — either skin everything or don’t do it at all. As I mentioned in a previous post, I really like consistency. Which is why I also reverted to the UI linked in my previous comment. I am actually really enjoying that UI much better than the one I wrote this post about. Go me for being dumb.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! :D

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