New phone of Awesomeness!

Finally upgrade my cellphone from a Blackberry Curve 8330 to a Droid X. Let me just say: it is so awesome.  Nice, big 4-inch screen, easy-to-use touchscreen keyboard. Of course there is also the Google account integration (I am an avid Gmail/Picasa/Talk user). 

So far I’ve only dropped this phone once. So far.


One thought on “New phone of Awesomeness!

  1. I had a cool phone, an Xperia 10, and loved it. Then I dropped it… Inevitable, really. Despair took over as I saw my beautiful phone stop working; bad reception, random power downs, general demonic possessions…

    Worst of all, I couldn’t do any blog posts because the app would shut off!

    Thinking I had to fork over good money to repair a clearly damaged phone, I tried a friends suggestion and did a factory reset. Good as new now!

    Just a note in case it drops again and things go awry!

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