Warp Stalkers, My Pokémons

After my last post about my little hunter, I felt the urge to check out my lvl 80 hunter, Vivie.  I know, I know… I have a disease. (It’s alt-oholism.. O_O).  Anyhoo, for the past couple of days I’ve been leveling Vivie to 82 so she could get out to Vashj’ir and tame the blue warp stalker.  It’s been great fun and now I am proud to say…


Proof (like you really need it):

White (Marvin) Marvin
Olive (Cosmo) Cosmo
Blue (Bobo) Bobo
Black (Gezzie) Gezzie
Blue-Green (Stitch) Stitch
Red (Ruby) Ruby

(Click to make bigger)

Now that this little inner-acheebmint is completed, I can work on collecting all of the dragonhawk skins.  I already have the Pretty Pretty Princess dragonhawk. 


But she needs a Ken. Winking smile


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