The Name That Shall Not be Pronounced Consistently

Another light-ish week for me.  Just been leveling my new little orc hunter.  I’ve never been very good at playing a hunter successfully – it’s one of those classes that is easy to play, but difficult to master.  And not that I’m a “huntard”…It’s just that my phalanges decide to cry mutiny and click the right mouse button at the most inopportune times. (>_<)


So Tamagdalla is now 26 and I am still conflicted on how to pronounce her name. TAMAG-dalla? Tamag-DALLA? Ta-MAG-dalla? I give up. I will call her what I call her when I refer to her. She has been a busy little orcykins, however. She’s collected 7 pets now: a bear, fox, spider, lion, raptor, mastiff, and boar.  My favorite pet so far has been the fox. It’s really fast (with the talent) and it does a lot of damage (although I suppose all ferocity pets will do the same amount of damage?) Plus, who doesn’t love the “Play” ability!?

I named the fox “Gutsy” after a story my RL best friend told me happened to her this week: She’s a first grade teacher and ended up being an audience volunteer at a school assembly where the ‘main attraction’ (a dude dressed up as “Gutsy” the fox) attempted to JUMP over her hear and almost t-bagged her.  I still laugh when I imagine her horrified face.

Yes, I name my hunter pets after things to amuse my best friend. She hates raptors (thanks to Jurassic Park) and I named my blue raptor “Nightmare.” >:3

I respecced Tamagdalla to Survival this morning to try something new (and to get the +3% ranged haste) and I’m enjoying it so far.  I can’t wait to get the trap launcher (and Freezing trap!).  I kinda wish Trap Launcher was one of the abilities you get from speccing into Survival. It seems that some specs (of all classes) get more specialization abilities than others and I wonder if the fewer specialization abilities are equal to the many? It’s an odd situation that deserves its own post, so I won’t go too in-depth here (cheers for a post topic, though!)

All in all, I’m enjoying my hunter!


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