Week in Warcraft #3

This post will cover the last 2 weeks since I’m lazy and forgetful. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have been tweeting less often. I just got super busy at work with this new project (yay!), so I’m on the run all day (boo!).

– Magtheridon downed with awesome people from The Broken (Misha-US Alliance)
– Priest fished up Weather-beaten Journal!

– Priest skilled up Cooking to just under 300; Fishing to 200; Tailoring to 495; and Enchanting to 480-ish!

Interface Customization:
– Tried the ever-wonderful Tukui and 3 edits
– Reverted back to default UI, but may try Eselol’s edit 1 more time

– Created worgen druid on Kael’thas-US with my hubby. He also made a druid (first time EVER playing a druid) and is going kitty; I was kitty then resto then balance and now back to kitty. Since his druid is a miner/skinner and mine is LW/skinner, he’s half a level ahead (/rassafrassa). Droods are 19/18. One more to awesome-running. :D


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